Mintchi Q&A: By Sarah Jane Bell

Hello Lovelies! In my recent search for good quality clothes I came across Mintchi! Mintchi was created by Joana who spent a decade in the fashion industry. Joana became deeply dissatisfied with the standard mass production practices, so with her love of the Daisy flower she branched out and created her own handmade clothing line called Mintchi.

Loving fashion as I do I had to get a Q&A with Joana to learn all about her new business, see below what we fond out:

Where did the name Mintchi come from?

Joana – When I told my sister about the idea of developing my first line of softies into an independent brand she randomly suggested that I name the brand some variation of our last name, Mintcheva. Consequently, after a bit of brainstorming, Mintchi was born. I particularly appreciate the name as it ties in with my family and my cultural heritage in a simplified and playful way.

Your products are handmade, do you make them as well as design them?

Joana – I design all the products in my range and make a large percentage of them myself.  It all started with an owl softie which I made after wanting some hands-on creativity. I worked in the fashion industry and unfortunately by this time most brands were manufacturing overseas. I’d spend entire days in front of a computer answering emails wondering where all the creativity had gone? Needing a creative outlet, the first owl was designed and sewn. I started selling these on-line and at markets and it wasn’t long before people started requesting more animals. Dino came soon after, then Vex the shark (who was a charity toy to help stop the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef and to stop the Western Australian shark cull). This naturally evolved into home-wares with handmade cushions to follow. With my fashion design background it was only a matter of time before clothing also come into the mix. My very first clothing style was an embroidery kimono, #mintchiwonder. The kimono had such a positive and over whelming response it encouraged me to continue with clothing in the range. I still hand make all the softies and cushions and design and pattern make the clothing of my range. Due to the demand I have had to start outsourcing the making of some of the clothing to local ethical suppliers.

If you were on a desert island and could have only one item from your catalogue what would it be?

Joana – This is a hard one as I LOVE the daisy days printed mini so much right now!! But a deserted island requires a super effortless and loose silhouette in my opinion. A bit of sun cover is also essential in coastal conditions so I have to go with the White Daisy Days Embroidery Kimono! This piece will reflect the sun perfectly whilst I lounge around in a bikini all day.

What is your vision for Mintchi in 5 years’ time

Joana – Mintchi has always been about creating a positive impact on our environment whilst disengaging mass production practice in order to represent a shift in the fashion industry—it has never been just a brand for me but a bigger picture of positive change.  My dream recently has been to develop sustainable handmade projects in India. Such projects utilise skilled local artisans in an ethical and forward thinking manner, consequently empowering local women, diminishing experiences of poverty and improving overall community outcomes.  In 5 years time I hope these projects to be well underway and the brand to be making a positive impact on these communities and overall in the fashion industry.

Thank you to Joana for giving me your time, your story has made me love your products even more and I am excited to see your dream become the reality with the handmade projects in India!

Want to check out Mintchi range and support local and ethical clothing and homeware business’s while you are at it check out Mintchi at

My fav is Daisy Days Embroidery Mini – White let me know what you buy or if you are already a Mintchi designed wearer, id love to hear your thoughts.