Merhaba Turkey

Have you been keeping up with my Instagram? If so you will have seen all things Turkish as I have been living the Turkish dream over the last few weeks! I recently traveled to Antalya, Bodrum and Istanbul. In true Insincerely Her style, I ate and drank my way around every spot we visited. Here’s a few of my highlights:

  • Sipped one too many mojitos (which I now know is pronounced mo-hee-to!)
  • Ate my way through restaurants, buffets & street food
  • Read two novels and finished three unfinished novels (I know, I am a weirdo!)
  • Exfoliated my skin in the sand – total bliss
  • Walked into the ocean (fun fact, I can’t swim!)
  • Lounged around in a cabana bed like I was Kimmy K. Ah the life! 
  • Laid on a giant ice cream floaty which made me feel like a sassy Instagram ice-queen – like what I did there?
  • Found love for lahmajun (maydanoz aka parsley & lemon is life)
  • Patted 139337373 Turkish cats and dogs and of course had to take a photo of each fur baby
  • Made my partner take a million “blogger style pics” (of which only one was successful). I’m now taking applications for a fully qualified Instagram husband
  • I turned 29
  • Watched the entire season of Big Little Lies (no regrets!)
  • Developed great tan line on my back
  • Bought a pair of designer shoes – gotta keep up with those bloggers right?
  • Went to make a friend on the dance floor and stacked it in front of a majority of the resort (LOL)
  • Had a romantic dinner overlooking the beach
  • Took a million selfies
  • Tried a Turkish coffee – spoiler alert: it tastes like mud
  • Had dinner at Nurs-et restaurant – you know Saltbea? #keepingupwithtrends
  • Was in two continents at once (Europe & Asia) thanks to the old Bosphorus Bridge
  • Avoided tourist-y activities – attractions aren’t really my thing

Out of the three places I visited Bodrum was my absolute favourite. I felt so relaxed and could not believe my beautiful surroundings.

Am I feeling refreshed? Absolutely not! I feel even more exhausted after a holiday, haha! Tell me I’m not alone! But my mind is certainly feeling refreshed and I’ve set myself new realistic goals to take on. As I am a really bad casual travel blogger, if you have any questions about Turkey feel free to ask me. Enjoy some happy snaps of me living the life of luxury!