The memobottle would have to be one of the most original and stylish water bottles I have ever seen! It looks super cute and is great for the environment.

What is a memobottle?

The memobottle is a slim, premium, and reusable water bottle designed to fit in your bag next to your laptop and books. The vision behind memobottle is to assist in the reduction of single-use bottle consumption, to help people think differently about their consumption and move towards a more reusable society.

For those who might be a little hesitant about spending $25 on a bottle of water, what are the benefits of purchasing a memo bottle?

$25 may be seem a little steep initially but memobottle adopters quickly make their money back by not purchasing multiple bottles of water. The memobottle is a premium quality product designed to fit in your bag, be durable and also to stand out. The transparency and the unusual shape are certainly head turners.

For the style conscious, what would be the best way to style a memobottle to your outfit?

The memobottle comes with both a black and white lid. These neutral tones can match almost any outfit. The beauty of the memobottle is that it is transparent – therefore it mimics it’s surroundings like a chameleon.


Check it Memobottle here.