Meet your hangover fairy god mothers

I don’t know about you but with the long weekend coming to an end, I am still in yesterdays make up, binge eating like crazy after having way to much to drink over the last few days. I don’t suffer from bad hangovers but I have had my fair share over the last few years. There is nothing worse then going out having the best time and then being stuck in bed and feeling sorry for yourself the next day.  FOHO was created by Jasmine & Madeline. A delicious easy to use hangover cure, a FOHO pouch contains 15 drinks and only cost $19.99 (incl shipping within Aus).

What is FOHO? FOHO is your new best friend, a low carb, all natural berry flavored hangover drink. FOHO will help you fight a nasty hangover and make you feel great the next day. It is simple to use and is the only product of it’s kind on the market. The only thing you need to do is decide if you are a planner, last minuter or a forgetter?

What are the benefits of drinking FOHO? FOHO allows you to enjoy a big night out and wake up feeling amazing the next day. FOHO will rehydrate you, balance your electrolyte levels and best of all it is low in carbs and calories. The natural flavor makes it taste great so it’s easy to drink, making you want more. Most FOHO lovers tell us they have a 50-70% improvement in their hangover symptoms while others wake up with no symptoms and feel amazing.

I am guessing you girls have had a lot of nights out and needed something to cure a hangover, how did the concept come about? We are both very busy women, who love to have a big night out with all of our friends, but we can’t afford to spend the next day curled up in bed wasting the day away. We have tried every so called hangover drink/remedy/cure out there, but they have all failed to help. So after a lot of research, surveys and cheeky chats over some great wine, we discovered if you address the hangover before you go to sleep and then again in the morning, it works so much better. This makes FOHO unique and ensures its goodness is working while you are asleep. Another big concern for us was having too drink a product that was full of sugars, artificial flavours and colours, so it was important that FOHO didn’t contain any of these nasty ingredients.

Will FOHO be making different flavours in the near future? We have initially launched FOHO in Berrilicious, a delicious berry flavour. However, we believe in the saying, “the customer knows best” so we will be letting all of our FOHO lovers choose the next flavour, and of course we will make sure it tastes just as amazing as Berrilicious.

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