Meet Those Girls

Meet Elena & Lauren Melbourne’s Ice Tea Queens, they are Those Girls you need to know.

How did the love for Iced teas come about?

We have always been passionate about tea and we tried iced tea over in the States. But our real love for iced teas started in the summer of 2013. We were going through a huge chai latte phase and thought our home brewed chai was so delicious that we wanted to share it with everyone. That’s when the idea of selling our tea and sharing it with the rest of Melbourne hit us. But because the weather was so hot at the time, we decided to try selling iced teas instead of chai lattes. We knew iced teas had a lot of potential as they are so refreshing and hadn’t been don’t much in Australia yet. So we began our recipe trials and flavour development. Then a couple of months later we were selling our homemade iced teas.

When creating Iced Tea flavors where do you look for inspiration?

We love to work with unique and exotic flavour combinations. We are always looking for fun fresh flavours that will intrigue customers but also taste delicious. Our main source of inspiration is drawn from beach and tropical destinations from around the world. For example, our lime & mint mojito green tea is a Cuban influence. And our Pineapple ‘Sun Tea’ is influenced by a combination of Brazil, where the pineapple is thought to have originated & California, where ‘sun tea’ originated. Our goal is to one day travel to all the tropical destinations around the equator and pick up a new flavour at each stop.

What flavor combinations can we expect to find from Those Girls? 

We don’t want to give away too much right now as our new flavours for this summer are still top secret. But we can tell you that there will be an exciting mixture of refreshing and exotic flavours from South America as well as some classic fruity flavours with a new captivating spin on them. We are very excited for these ones!

At this stage you are festival/market based, can we expect to see your range in store in the near future?  

We absolutely love working in the festival and market scene. It is such a great environment for people to enjoy our product in. Plus it is always entertaining being surrounded by such a fun-filled atmosphere. We are going to continue to focus on the festivals scene for the time being but we may look into other options for our products later down the track.

Make sure to check out the ladies website to keep up to date and see them in person and sample some great beverages here

See you at the night market girls, and stay tuned for a giveaway in the next few days.