Meet The Muesli Makers

When hearing Tommy Little on the radio speak about his love for muesli, I just had to reach out to local muesli-makers The Muesli.

I have been busily sampling their range while arranging a review and giveaway. But for now, meet Emma Dumas; mother, television producer, golfer, fitness lover and The Muesli Maker.

At what point in your career did you decide to start a muesli-based business?  

At a very strange point, considering my career was in the media and in particular, television production. I’d worked at the Nine Network, owned my own TV production company and done years of freelance producing – The Panel, Thank God You’re Here, Santo Sam & Ed’s Cup Fever (2009 World Cup)!

My friend, personal trainer and nutritionist Donna Aston, told me her clients couldn’t ‘get breakfast right’ and that it was her greatest frustration. I started making The Muesli and delivering it to her studio in 1kg zip-lock bags in 2004. By 2009, Donna was selling more than 80kg a month.

Friends, family and associates were collecting their goods from my front doorstep on a daily basis. The home-kitchen made batches filled tubs and zip-lock bags, the Thermomix, hairnets and gloves alone were over 150kg and I was working 18 hour days on Santo Sam & Ed’s Cup Fever in the middle of the World Cup – something had to give!

My good friend (and much better golfer) Heather Brodie had come on board in about 2008, and we’d been talking and planning to take the product to the next level.

By mid 2010, we had a company – BodSquad Australia and a brand – The Muesli.  The design was set, labels printed and a contract manufacturer and packer was in place – we produced our first commercially made product and The Muesli was ready to take to the market.

With so many types of muesli on the market, what sets The Muesli apart?

The Muesli stands alone on the very busy muesli shelf. Its low-sugar formula and on-packet message are key to our unique, premium and delicious product.

At 50% nuts and seeds, the others don’t come close.  It is a premium product that stands out because it is also naturally sugar-free.

The Muesli, even at the end of 2015, is still ahead of its time. With a formula both high in protein and low in sugar, it is a commercially available breakfast cereal option, that has been specifically developed to combat ‘lifestyle related disease’ such as obesity and type-2 diabetes, currently at epidemic levels in Australia and worldwide.

A premium, natural, sugar-free formula that is at once delicious and (will be) instrumental in the fight against these diseases.

Being all natural, the extent of ‘processing’ The Muesli is that the nuts are chopped from whole, otherwise it is simply 11 (12 in the gluten-free) premium ingredients blended to produce, the one of a kind, healthiest, most delicious and number 1 growing muesli brand in Australia.

 Where do you hope to see The Muesli in the next 5 years?

We want to own muesli online. More people every day are prepared to and actually want to buy online. We can get The Muesli to anyone, anywhere in Australia for no more than $5 postage and mostly no postage charge at all. Available in as many independently owned retail outlets Australia-wide as it can be.

That ever-growing style of beautiful store catering to the changing landscape in food, nutrition and health, moving away from the highly processed and back to whole, real offerings and alternatives.

What is your favourite way to eat The Muesli

I love The Muesli simply with a small handful of raspberries, passion fruit and a good dollop of full-fat Greek yoghurt.

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To view the range visit the website here.