Meet Miranda the girl who lived for clothes

I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Miranda whilst volunteering at VAMFF a few years ago. We instantly clicked, I was so excited at the time to have met a ‘blogger’. Miranda doesn’t feel the need to follow what is trending, she will wear what she feels and doesn’t care – I find that so admirable. She is just gorgeous and smart and I cant wait to see what her next outfit will be!

Most outrageous outfit you have ever worn?

That’s a hard one, as often I put an outfit on that I don’t THINK is too outrageous, but then I swear everyone in the street is staring at me!!! The most outrageous thing I probably did was wear heels to university, which was actually mentioned in my 21st speech, my friends found it so bizarre! There’s just not enough heel opportunities ok? If I had to pinpoint one outfit it would probably be, well two outfits, completely in velvet – yep that’s right – top, bottom, shoes AND bag! Prior to my holographic obsession, I managed to collect 3 pairs of velvet shoes, 2 skirts, a pair of shorts, 2 bustiers, a jumpsuit and a bag all in velvet!

Your blog is growing each day, where do you hope to see it go in the next couple of years?

It’s super exciting every day to see real people saying they like my style and outfits (or pretending they do for likes anyway)! It’s very encouraging to think I’m not just posting for nothing which is how I used to feel. At the moment I think what’s holding me back is that it’s hard to find someone to take photos when and where you need! I don’t think my style can get any crazier or more outrageous, if I do say so myself :p, so I’d love to improve how I actually take pictures of the outfits and share even more of my quirky outfit details.

Describe your wardrobe?

It’s really a big crazy mess of colour and pattern, where every item completely clashes because I refuse to EVER buy anything I don’t love by itself, just to match something else. I also fail every time I try at attempting the minimalist look. My shoe shelves are my pride and joy and are currently bursting at the seams due to the seemingly endless pairs of shoes I seem to acquire on my overseas travels… 16 pairs in 4 weeks, beat that! It’s mostly cheaper stuff but every now and again you’ll come across a designer item I managed to get at 90% off :D.

Not only are you a fashion killa you are also studying to be a scientist. When qualified do you plan on reinventing the white trench?

I’m already shocking my work colleagues daily at my science-based office job … I don’t think they’d ever seen holographic aqua flats before – who said office wear can’t be fun? They also said they’d never seen me wear the same outfit in the 2 months I’ve worked there 😛 (a matter I pride myself in). I will most certainly be taking my style with me wherever I go, be it in a lab or in an office. Even a white lab coat can’t quiet down my wardrobe!

Fashion inspiration?

To be honest I pretty much go to a shop and chose whatever I like. I used to read Vogue religiously, noting down “trends” of the moment in my shopping notebook to refer to, pinning photos of the latest runway looks all over my wall (organised by designer of course). Not obsessive at all… Some might say what I decide to wear is based on a little book that records how many times I’ve worn each item of clothing/accessory to ensure no one gets left out … (Entirely a myth of course ;))

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