Meet Krissy

There is nothing I love more than featuring fearless women who inspire me on Insincerely Her – and seriously, you ladies are in for a treat this time! I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Krissy Marsh from Real Housewives of Sydney! Prior to RHOS, I knew nothing about the amazing Krissy but I instantly fell in love with her personality, style, and love for her family. Her fur babies, Bondi & Bronte, also have there own Instagram account! What impressed me most was Krissy’s incredibly resilience, and the credible way she handled herself when mean girls attacked…

Grab a skinny bitch and enjoy my Q&A below:

1. Firstly congratulations on the success of RHOS I am loving every minute of it! What made you decide to join the show?

Having previously had a career in television, I really loved it and the idea of being involved in a major reality production excited me.  The opportunity to star alongside some of my good friends was a major plus for me too – truly incredible experience that I am so thankful for having come my way.

2. Describe your life in three words? 

Fantastic, fast, fun.

3. How do you keep your hair so GORG? 

I use Mr Smith shampoo and conditioner and ensure I do a weekly Redken deep conditioning treatment.

4. I feel like women who defend their selves or stick up for themselves automatically become the bitch (especially in a group environment) what advice would you give on handling those situations?

I think there is a solid line between what makes a woman assertive, strong and confident and what makes a woman a bitch.  I really believe it comes down to how we feel about ourselves on the inside – how confident in who we are.  It is so very important for a woman to be comfortable in her own skin and not worry about what other people think – I think once we truly feel confident in ourselves and who we are then we tend to ignore what people think of us and how we choose to defend our actions and beliefs.  If you feel strongly about what you are saying and your actions, don’t ever compromise – you don’t need to act in a bratty, bitchy way for you to have a voice – it comes down to confidence.  Be confident with your words, actions and act with conviction, no one can argue with that.  Be true to yourself and stand up for what you believe in people will ultimately respect that.

5. If you could be another housewife from any series of the franchise for the day who would it be and why?

Absolutely Bethenny Frankel.  She is a crazy fun chick that works hard and is successful in the business world, that kind of success comes from hard work which I can completely relate to.  Plus, she loves dogs – a woman after my own heart!

Keep up with Krissy via her Instagram here

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