Meet Kate Flammea

Ladies as we celebrate International Women’s Day today I am so excited to introduce to you the gorgeous Kate Flammea. Your new fav #girlboss. Kate is the owner of Smart Skin Clinics and responsible for my new and improved thighs he he.

Not only is she a CEO/Founder/Bossbabe she is also a wife, mother and the brains behind Pressplay Cosmetics. Trust me when I say Pressplay Cosmetics will be your new must have when it comes to skincare, fragrance & make up on the run, all in a sexy little capsule. It’s so lux and perfect for the blogger on the run like me. I cant wait to share my review with you all in the coming weeks but for now fall in love with Kate. Yep I am totally girl crushing. Can you blame me?

Firstly, thank you for creating one of the most impressive cosmetic compacts I have ever seen, how did the idea come about?

Thank you for your lovely words!

I am sure that many women can relate to the early morning rush-out-the-door scenario. For myself, being a mother and a business owner of four skin specialist clinics, my morning tasks were prioritized over getting myself looking my best for the day. I would usually end up running out the door without completing my desired makeup look, or no makeup at all. In this moment, I thought to myself: “why hasn’t someone created a small makeup case that is always packed and ready to go?”. This is where the idea for Pressplay Cosmetics was born.

We have thought everything through and through. From the initial concept to launch, the capsule and product range has seen a lot of changes and testing to perfect it for the user. Pressplay Cosmetics enables individuals to load up 7 of their favorite products in the capsule and apply their makeup using the compact mirror, whenever it is convenient to them. My vision is for women to have a sense of freedom when it came to beauty and for their makeup to work around their needs – not the other way around.

How many items of makeup, fragrance and skincare can you fit in one capsule? 

The Capsule holds up to 7 products from our range of over 30 cosmetics and skin care products. The built-in mirror and powder compartment make on-the-go application or touch ups so quick and easy. I no longer have to worry about pressed powder ruining the inner lining of my handbag or a powder brush rolling around at the bottom and accumulating dirt.

What are your top 5 pics for the perfect 9-5 capsule? 

There are so many options and it is really up to each individual. If you want to rock a dark purple lip for the day, then go for it gurrl! For me personally, my 9-5 Capsule usually consists of Roman Face Paint, Christopher Mascara, Alexander Eyeliner, Cruz Hand Sanitizer and Pierre Highlighter.

Where do you hope to see Pressplay in the next 12 months?

We have a lot planned for Pressplay Cosmetics. Our product range is continually increasing and we aim to have Pressplay in the handbag of every person that needs this solution. We are currently working on distributing our products in retail stores worldwide and also expanding our range to accommodate male users. There is so much more that you will have to stay tuned for!

Every women should have a capsule because…

It will change the way they envision makeup and they will discover a new kind of beauty freedom.

For more information check out Pressplay Cosmetics here.