Meet France

Buying a designer bag on a minimum wage is hard work, ladies! I am very grateful to have some great investment pieces in my wardrobe. After all, they’re timeless. Cossette is a private, members-only shopping destination, founded two years ago by the lovely France. I caught up with her to find out all about how she began her online and pop-up designer bag stores.

First off, COSETTE is completely authentic – no nasty fakes, ladies. Just real brands, heavily discounted! It’s perfect with Christmas around the corner. I have had a look online and the selection is just great. From Celine and Givenchy to Prada and Tom Ford, this is your go-to for designer arm candy, girls!

Firstly your items for sale are just stunning, can anyone become a member?

Thank you. We take a lot of pride in looking for the best pieces to bring to Australia. Yes, absolutely everyone can easily become a member. Membership is free and takes 2 seconds. Just enter your email address into our system to receive (or not if you don’t want to) our exclusive fashion deals and tips.

What inspired you to open an online designer shopping destination?

Bringing Paris to Sydney with a free-spirited curated selection. Far from the Parisian couture houses and stores, the COSETTE look exemplifies effortless elegance with iconic accessories that pretty much every woman is after. I am so happy to share my love for fashion, my crushes and beautiful fashion finds with more than my girlfriends. Giving women access to gorgeous, hard-to-find pieces at the best price is the best part.

For those who may be sceptical, are all your items genuine/real?

All our items are 100% genuine, coming from luxury retailers in Europe – mainly in Paris and Italy. They all come with their authenticity documents, like a serial card / number; swatch leather etc. It really depends on the label, but it’s all real.

What is the current ‘it’ bag we must all have?

Without any hesitation, the Givenchy Antigona has to be the one. It’s the handbag hero, among the most desirable plus-ones over the world. 


Your own handbag collection must be stunning! What was your first designer bag and how has your collection grown over the years?

My first designer bag was a plain black Celine Trapeze: the classic, ever-chic investment piece I’d wanted forever. I then got the oh-so-cool Balenciaga Classic City bag, the Saint-Laurent Muse ladylike tote and (probably my fave) the Celine Nano Luggage bag – compact, adorably stylish, beautiful, practical– it’s the best companion ever! Once I had easy-to-wear essentials, I started having more fun; treating myself with colour crush, crazy embellishments, contemporary shapes and iconic runway-worthy pieces.

France, I am so jealous of your collection – I wish I could take one of everything! Ladies, check out COSETTE here.

Warning: serious handbag lust awaits! Have your credit card ready!