Meet Chloe

Pinch me—I am living my blog dream! It was another hard day in the office when I was asked to pick a pair of shoes from Butterfly Twists to feature on my blog.

What started as a silly bet in 2007 among a few friends turned into a brilliant business venture; voila, Butterfly Twists was born.

I’m constantly looking for the perfect pair of flats not only for work but also because my fiancé and I are kinda the same height (when I’m in flats), and wearing heels can be a bit of a struggle at times. I personally don’t think towering over your partner is a sexy look, unless you’re throwing back to the Bella and Abel days…

Ladies, it was so, so hard to just pick one pair from Butterfly Twists. Why couldn’t I have them all? I am a blogger, after all. (Just teasing.)

I decided to go for the Chloe ballet pump in black, the reason being I thought it would make the perfect shoes for work. I was due for another pair, as I am guilty of purchasing one item and wearing it over and over until it falls apart.

I’ve been wearing the same $4, Kmart pair, which I love, but that isn’t very blogger-worthy of me, hey? It was time for some variety in my life.

When I received my flats from Butterfly Twists, they came in the cutest little packaging with my flats packed in just a small box. Imagine the size of half a shoe box. I thought to myself, could it just be one of those flexible flats you see in the club toilets? How wrong I was! The flats had a mini heel, which is perfect for support. I don’t like a thick heel on flats, as I think they look quite grandma-like. Well-played, Butterfly Twists.

I put my foot in the shoe, ladies, and it was heaven! So much cushioning (foam, if you want to get your shoe politics on), and it even has breathable lining—cause nobody likes foot odour… (I should take my own advice, hehe.) If you’re pregnant or on your feet all day, this would be an ideal pair of shoes. The Chloe ballet pump retails at $68.28, which is quite reasonably priced for faux leather.

Butterfly Twists has a great selection of flats, and their Amber flats is definitely next on my list. Check out their sandals and festival wellies (perfect for those heading to Tomorrowland), along with slip-ons and a wedding selection.

Time to shop! Check out Butterfly Twists here.

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted these awesome flats for review on my blog, but all flats-loving my own. And if you’re wondering, he’s taller in other places.

Edited by Geraldine Stallard.