Meet Candice Warner

I had the pleasure of interviewing the stunning Candice Warner. For those who don’t know Candice is mother to two little angles, an athlete and wife to cricketing legend David Warner. While Candice is always on every red carpet guest list. Candice is a self-confessed ‘faux-cialiser’… who would rather enjoy a night in indulging in a Connoisseur choc mousse then a star-studded event… now I know your all thinking what is a faux-cialiser? Find out below.

For those who don’t know what is a Faux-cialiser?

A faux-cialiser is a person who chooses to embrace and savour the joy of a night at home, bingeing on TV and eating lovingly prepared meals. It’s all about indulgence and knowing when you need to spend some time in rather than time out.

I can’t believe I have hit that stage in my life where I would rather sit at home in my onesie then go to an event… why do you think this happens?

You’re not alone! Personally I love attending social events, but as a mum there is nothing better than giving yourself the time to relax and recharge. During the week it’s the time I give myself the opportunity to enjoy some sneaky indulgences, such as reading a mag, watching The Real Housewives, all whilst treating myself to some Connoisseur Chocolate Mousse.

What’s your favourite flavor from the Connoisseur range?

The Original Belgian Chocolate Mousse has to be my favourite. I love how deliciously creamy and decadent the mousse is. However, if I’m feeling adventurous a creamy Vanilla, Raspberry and Pomegranate Pana Cotta, definitely hits the spot!

Describe your life in 5 words

Beautiful, exciting, challenging, adventurous, fulfilled.

You make motherhood look so easy what’s your secret?

Thank you so much, that means a lot! However, I speak for all mothers out there when I say, it’s definitely not easy. For me, it’s all about sticking to a schedule and prioritising. It’s tricky juggling my busy work schedule, friendships, children and husband (especially because he travels a lot). What helps me is knowing that I can’t be there for everyone and acknowledging that family and happiness comes first, it’s easier to juggle the pressures of motherhood that way.

I sure am a guilty of being a faux-cialiser believe it or not and plan on purchasing a few packs of Connoisseur choc mousse on my next shop.

Connoisseur choc mousse is available from all leading Supermarkets.