Made by Fressko

Made by Fressko is not only stylish in looks but also very practical when it comes to having a beverage. Not only can you brew your favorite tea as you go but the flask can be used for coffee, smoothies or any other liquid to your liking. Enjoy my interview with Hayley.

For those who don’t know what is Fressko?

Fressko is a Melbourne based company who believe a great drink should be enjoyed anywhere by anyone.

Our philosophy is simple:

“Be kind to mother earth, to others, and to yourself.”
We’re all about simple, sustainable, untainted, and everywhere.
It’s why we’ve eliminated a plastic, rubber and take-away cup culture and created a 100% BPA and chemical free reusable glass and bamboo flask that will be yours to keep for a long, long time.
Glass is the most natural, safe and tasteful way to consume liquid, and we wanted to make sure when you chose to drink from one of our products, you’ll taste the Made by Fressko difference.

How easy is it to ‘brew as you go”? 

So easy! With the Fressko 2 in 1 filter you have the option of using your Fressko flask for both hot and cold beverages. For tea, just add the loose leaf tea (or a tea bag) to your infuser, pop it in the flask, add boiling water and that’s it – you’re ready to go!

For Fruit water, add the fruit you want, fill with cold water, pop in the short infuser and that’s it!

Then if you would like to use it for smoothies then you can remove the filter completely  – its all so simple!

Is Fressko flask just for hot drinks or can it be used for cold drinks? 

Both! The glass flask stays hot for up to 2 hours ( dependent on use) and the bamboo rush stays hot for up to 4 hours (can be more if the lid is unopened)

What is the difference between the glass and bamboo flask?

The glass flask is double walled borosilicate glass with a bamboo lid and comes in 3 different sizes (300, 400, 500ml) – its perfect for both hot or cold drinks. The bamboo flask only comes in the 300ml size and is suitable for both hot or cold but was designed more for the coffee drinker.

Can we only purchase a flask online or can we find this brilliant product in stores also? 

Yes we are stocked in stores and you can find your nearest stockist on our website by simply adding your postcode to the stockist page search section.

Stay tuned for my review on the product. Make sure to check out Fressko here