Lonvitalite the face mask you need now

I recently had a facial and had a face mask put on me, it was really cold but then felt absolutely amazing on my skin, my skin was glowing. I also was given a Lonvitalite eye mask to try in my own time. As I work a few jobs I have some nasty eye bags so being able to do a treatment in the comfort of my own home was great- and it worked.

The face masks are really beneficial to your skin and make a great selfie. Type in #lonvitalite to see what I mean. I had the pleasure of interviewing Rochelle Bridge, owner of Lonvitalite- enjoy.

I recently had a facial and the beauty therapist used a Lonvitalite mask on my face (felt great), what are the benefits of the face mask?

The benefit and story behind Lonvitalite and our range of serum infused cloth masks, is the ease of use with the instant results. Being a cloth with serum there is no barrier creams or other ingredients that need to be broken through to penetrate the skin.

Lonvitalite is being used in treatments in over 500 salons within Australia and also retailed for home use in the top 5 online Beauty stores including our own  www.lonvitalite.com.au.

How often should we treat our skin with one of your products?

For best results our Lonvitalite masks should be used as an intense treatment over 5 days and then to maintain your glow, once a week for our face masks and twice a week for our eye masks.

They are super easy to use in the comfort of your own home, with the results of a in salon facial in just 20 minutes.

No mess, no fuss; simply clean your face, open the satchel, place the mask on your face or eyes for 20 minutes, the remove, place in the bin and rub the remaining serum into your skin.

What would be your favourite product from your range?

Our Award winning C4 Coconut Milk Hydrating Face Mask. This is an amazing treatment for all ages and all skin types. It is fantastic in summer to place it in the fridge before use for a lovely cooling treatment in the hot climate of Australia.

What can we expect from the new range launching?

Lonvitalite is launching two new masks in August to keep up with the amazing ingredients that have benefits in our skin, C5 Green Tea Antioxidant Face Mask and C6 Coffee Anti Fatigue Face Mask.

Both these masks cater to every skin type, our Coffee Masks aimed at the Male market, our clientèle is around 30% Male due to the ease of use of our products. Our Green tea mask will be great for younger skin and people prone to breakouts and large pores. We are super excited to share this range with all our clients.

What can we expect to see next for Lonvitalite?

Lonvitalite has some great new products launching in 2015 including a Men’s range of Masks, Organic Washes and Candles. As well as Serums in a bottle to compliment our masks that can be used daily as a booster under your current skincare routine.

Lonvitalite will also be a lot more accessible with some big chain roll outs later in 2015/2016 at stores near you.

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