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Hands up if you’re a fake blonde and sick of hairdressers not doing what you ask for. You know what I mean – you show an image on your iPhone and end up walking out with a completely different colour – sound like you? Keep reading.

With a heavy heart, I’d hand over my debit card and pay close to $500 for something I am not happy with. I’ve been to many hairdressers and the outcome is always an unhappy one. I remember getting a balayage done. I left the salon wanting to cry – and then had to drive around to find another hairdresser in the area to FIX IT!

Then, after spending a few hundreds of dollars to no avail, I’d reluctantly drive to Priceline and buy a box of brown home hair colour and swear I am never going blonde again.

From wanting to be a hairdresser at 17 I have gone through pretty much every hair drama out there – and trust me, I’ve made some very tragic colour choices.

I was born with beautiful dark brown hair. I look back at my school photos and I think to myself “you had Kardashian hair, girl!” Now I look at my hair and think “sweetie your hair is broken. It’s dead and it doesn’t grow”.

I prefer to be lighter as I think it softens my features, but over the last few months of letting my hair go, a natural balayage formed. Think really bad dark roots with a lighter tinge through the middle along with a yellow blonde throughout the ends. That was me. Needless to say my hair stayed hidden in a bun for a few months.

As my engagement party was coming up, I had no choice but to get my hair done, and I came across Vision Blonde on Instagram. Vision Blonde is Melbourne’s 1st blonde concept salon specialising in blonde, ombre and extensions – but they do service brunettes too!

I was impressed by what I saw on Instagram. They had a ton of impressive before and after images, and the website displayed surprisingly affordable prices. New clients also get $20 off their first service.

With three days until my engagement party, I took a risk with my colour, but I had no other time to get it done – so off I went.

The salon is located in South Melbourne and exudes modern charm with a chic interior. Rather than going to sit at a station and stare in the mirror, their set up is a little different.

Imagine sitting around a dinner table – but you’re sitting around a table with others getting their hair done. You’re sipping a glass of wine, watching a movie on an iPad and snacking on chocolates and lollies. Such a great idea, right?

My stylist was very helpful and took the time to listen to what I wanted the outcome to be. After almost 4 hours, my hair was transformed from a tragic balayage to a clean blonde – at last! The ends weren’t that awful yellow and my roots were a toned down lighter brown. The girls also matched my hair extensions to perfection – and they didn’t use Olaplex. I can’t recommend it enough.

From the consultancy, to getting my hair washed and styled, each staff member took time and care with my hair and I was so happy with the end results.

Would I go back? Of course! They had me at would you like a glass of wine, haha!

Take a look at my before and after photos below. If you’re sick of hairdresser fails like I was, make appointment at Vision Blonde. You won’t regret it!

Please note this post was not endorsed by Vision Blonde.