Last-Minute Gift Ideas: For The Tanorexic

Just ask anyone in my office. On Fridays I rock up to work looking like I’ve swallowed an oompa loompa!

I just love fake tan and I won’t go to an event, or risk showing my legs, without one.

As much as I love the beach and trying to get a real tan, I sadly don’t tan very well. I just end up peeling and ruining my skin. So, I’m committed to a lifetime of fake tanning which happens to be much safer than sitting out in the sun.

Skinny Tan have a great range of products on offer for your tan-orexic buddies out there. Doubling as a great gift to yourself, Skinny Tan also has guarana in it; that helpful ingredient commonly found in cellulite cream. Because, how hot is tanned cellulite ladies?

I know my legs looks so much more slim and toned when tanned, and who doesn’t love an illusion?

My favourite items from the Skinny Tan range would have to be the gorgeous pink mitt and body mousse, which make the perfect stocking fillers.

They’re also offering shoppers a great custom Christmas gift set for only $49.95.

It’s clear to see why the amazing Roxy Jacenko is the proud ambassador of Skinny Tan.

Time to shop! Visit Skinny Tan here

Post editing by Souha Intani. Photography was provided by @epkphotography