Kylie Lip Kit

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ll have heard someone utter the two most valuable words on eBay right now: Kylie Lipkit.

Tbh, I think there’s almost as much interest in the Kylie Lipkit as the Federal Election. Seriously.

So let’s back up. Kylie Jenner had small lips, denied getting fillers, then admitted to it and turned her insecurity into a very smart business idea (say what you like, I think that’s admirable and I honestly take my hat off to her). And then, well, the world went a bit mental.


Despite having been blessed with plump lips, I have had fillers in the past. No shame here gals. Now though, I’m filler free. I’m keen to get more in the future, but for now, I’m sticking with King Kylie.

Trying to get a Lipkit in the start was a bitch. The world went mad for Kylie’s Lipkits and they seemed harder to get your hands on than a lunch date with the Queen.

Eventually, I was gifted Candy K by a friend of mine and nearly peed my pants with excitement (thanks Mads). The packaging had me salivating, and I couldn’t wait to slather it on my lips and get my pout on my Snapchat story (lol, I know, I’m a sell out).

The Iconic picture had to be taken with the actual box was a must. Dont hate.
Resting bitch face on.

The matte shades are so convenient as they don’t come off. That’s right, no smudging on your coffee cup, and oh my god, YOU CAN KISS BOYS WHEN YOU’RE WEARING THEM.

Kylie’s tips are to line your lips with the lip liner first and fill out lips with the matte gloss. Okay, okay, I lined a little outside my real lip line for a bit of extra sass. Don’t deny it gals, you know you will too!

I wore it to work and it lasted ALL DAY on my lips. I did not have to reapply once. The only downside was it was a teeny tiny bit drying. But I’m such a Kardashian obsessed basic bitch I’ll take a bitta dry lip to have a slice of King Kylie. Cmon, you know you would too. Don’t lie.

I have also tried Heir from the Metal range and loved this one so much. Such a great shade when your bronzed. I have been lucky enough to get my hands on pretty much the entire collection – and by lucky I mean I stalked the stock levels on the website like a fox hunting it’s prey. But hey, I got them. Generally I’ve been giving them to friends or selling them on to other Kylie despos like me (lol).

Love this colour

As lame is it sounds, I kinda feel super sexy and confident when wearing a shade from her range. I have a Lipkit to give away to one of you gorgeous readers!

For your chance to win: Simply follow me on Instagram at @insincerelyher and send me an email at with your Instagram name and delivery address.  All products are new and have not been used. Items will be posted via Australia Post, and I accept no responsibility for lost or stolen parcels once dispatched. Australian residence only. Winner announced July 20th 2016. 

Disclaimer: This blog post is not endorsed by or affiliated with Kylie Cosmetics. I was gifted one Lipkit and purchased the rest myself, but all Kardashion obsession and matte smoulder my own.


Editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator