Keep calm with Arbonne

A few years back I had my first Arbonne experience. A friend of mine at the time recommended the brand to me, so I could explore what skincare worked for me, and also trial a foundation.

The consultant basically gave me a week’s sample of the range to try, but barely explained anything about the products or how they would work for my skin. They were messaging me everyday trying to get a sale, but to be honest I was quite put off by the entire experience.

What did I think of the skincare then? In 5-7 days you can’t really tell how a product is on your skin. I prefer to give skincare products around 4 weeks to really get a feel for the product.

That said, I have heard great things about the company, so I think we just got off on the wrong foot.

Moving on from that, I am now so excited to let you all know about my experience, 2.0 style.

I received the Arbonne Calm Set, that comes with four products in a box that had detailed information on the inside, along with some great stats – worth a read.

It was a great time to try a new skincare range as my skin was breaking out really bad around my chin and neck.

So what did I think of each product?

Gentle daily cleansers: I love a cleanser that is on a pump – it’s so much easier! It was a great size, too. The cleanser removed all my eye make up and had no burn effect at all (still be careful around the eyes though, ladies.) Overall, I was satisfied with this product and would buy it myself, mostly because it removed all of my makeup easily. There is nothing worse than using a cleanser and having to re-wash your face 4 times to get your mascara off! My skin felt refreshed both day and night when using this product.

Gentle daily moisturizer: Again, great sized product. It wasn’t oily on my skin and absorbed quickly. Using this with the cleanser is a quick fix for the morning rush.

Soothing facial serum: I am used to serums being really oily and ruining my silk pillows (such a princess, I know) but this serum was soft on my skin, lightweight and is the ideal product for improving the overall look of your skin’s appearance. I mainly used this at night before bed.

Soothing eye gel: Handy roll on for under the eye, easy to apply but unfortunately this product didn’t work for me. I have a lot of issues under my eyes, from my diet to lack of sleep, my dark eyes or puffiness don’t go away. I might need to get some skin bleaching and fillers, hehe.

As I said above, my face and neck were breaking out, but after 3-4 days my pimples had dried out and had gone down in size – bonus! Overall this is a great skincare set to try.

To find out more about Arbonne check out there website here.

I look forward to trying some cosmetics from the range over the coming weeks, so keep up to date via my Instagram.

Disclaimer: Arbonne provided me with this kit to review on my blog. All opinions (and pimples) my own.

All editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator