Ironing doesn’t have to be a b**ch

If you follow my blog, you would know I have just moved into my new home. Prior to this move, I was living with my mum. Basically, she did everything for me for the last 28 years. I’m talking cleaning, cooking, picking my clothes up off my floor-drobe, and of course, the dreaded ironing.

Its not like I am lazy. It’s just what happens when you’re a wog girl in a wog family! I remember the first time she left me to go overseas, I had to do all my washing myself. I even took notes when she showed me how to use the machine, haha! As for ironing I was too scared to use it thinking I would burn my beloved clothes. But, all good things must end, and I’m learning how to adult as best I can – starting with ironing.

Luckily, I was recently gifted an iron from Russell Hobbs (Smooth IQ). Look, I admit it. My mum helped me get it started and taught me what to do, but come on, I’m trying!

The new Smooth IQ collection has a wrinkle defence system – similar technology to what’s found in our hair straighteners. It reduces static and friction, and has 46% improved glideability – which really means, it’s quicker and more efficient. It also uses steam, so your outfits are looking like brand new on the daily, ladies. Aside from being easy to use, it looks perfect in my laundry. The purple colour gives it a bit of sass, and at only $99.95, it’s the perfect piece of kit to get me started on my journey to becoming a domestic ironing goddess! 

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I’ve started to iron towels and tea towels for practice, and I’m getting the hang of it! It was easy to glide, and I didn’t have to go over it a million times to see a difference. Once mum showed me the basics and gave me the run-down on how to use the iron, I got it down pat! Woohoo!

Although I’d still rather mum do my ironing – cause she is just so good at it – with the Russel Hobbs Smooth IQ, it couldn’t really be easier! If I had my way, I’d gift mum the iron, so she could keep ironing for me, but for the sake of my blog, I promise to keep getting better at doing it myself!

How good are the results? You can clearly see a difference.

Stay tuned for more ironing catch ups on my Instagram story at @insincerelyher. It’s time to get excited about ironing, women of Australia! If your iron is giving you the shits, it’s time for a new revolution. For more information visit Russell Hobbs here.

The Smooth IQ was gifted to review on my blog, but all opinions and ironing lessons my own. Big thank you to Eleisha for the amazing images check out her work here ladies.