Introducing Tanzee Australia

I had the pleasure of speaking to Madison owner of Tanzee Australia. I really wish she created this during my clubbing peak years. My bed would stink the day before I faked tanned then I would sleep over at my girlfriends house after a big night and ruin her white sheets.

Tanzee Australia is such an awesome idea! I expect big things to come for the lovely Madison.

How did Tanzee come about? I’m guessing you are fake tanned obsessed hehe..Yes my names Madison and I am a tan-addict! I’m also obsessed with keeping my bedroom tidy (my bed especially!) and have always dreaded the way that fake tan ruined my white sheets. I got so sick of it a while back, that I gave up and shamefully started using sun beds (sorry mum haha) But then in the middle of last year after hearing more and more horror stories about the health risks associated with sun beds I stopped using them and got back into fake tanning. Again I could not stand the constant smelly and stained sheets that I would constantly have to wash!!! I would sometimes use an old sheet or towel to sleep on, but it was always so uncomfortable and just never did the job! Then one Friday night after fake tanning just as I was about set up my super uncomfortable towel to sleep on and hop into bed, I said to my mum in frustration”Why is there not something that you can just slip into your bed and wash in the morning to stop fake tan ruining your bed sheets?!”

And that was it, it was like a light bulb literally went off in my head and I was up planning out Tanzee all night, I had decided everything by the next morning, the name,  the design, the fabric everything haha! Safe to say I didn’t sleep a wink that night! The next day I grabbed an old sheet and our sewing machine and created a prototype for Tanzee, and that was it!

What are the benefits of microfiber silk? I knew I wanted to use a silk like fabric from my experience with using silk pillow cases for years. They are amazing for your hair and skin because of the way they allow things to glide over them so effortlessly, however I always found them really over priced, hard to find or the ones I would buy would fall apart too easily because the silk was so delicate! Microfiber Art Silk is a man made version of Silk so it is a lot more durable, affordable, and easy to care for, but still also has a lot of the same benefits as 100% silk. It is breathable, lightweight, durable, non absorbent perfect for sleeping with a wet fake tan and also beneficial to hair and skin! And after doing a bit of research on the fabric I was sold!

Will Tanzee take up to much storage space? Not at all!!Tanzee’s all come in their own little pouch. Once the Tanzee is folded up inside the pouch, it measures roughly 16cm x 23cm and only about 2-3cm wide! They are so compact and light, it’s pretty amazing!

What is the best way to use and care for my Tanzee? Tanzee’s are quite durable, but to make them extra soft they are made from a more delicate fabric than other linens so you do need to treat them with care and show them love. For best results we advise to wash them separately in a cold hand or a gentle machine wash. Washing them in a delicate’s bag can also beneficial.

Check out her affordable range here x