Introducing Smoke & Stone

If you love home decor you are going to love Smoke & Stone. Its time to add some concrete into your home (the pretty kind)

Enjoy my interview with Alex.

How did the fascination with concrete come about?

Scott works in concrete construction and I’m interior obsessed. Concrete furnishings and décor are such a massive hit at the moment but sometimes do come with a crazy price tag. We wanted to be able to cater to everyone with affordable yet different pieces. With Scott’s knowledge of concrete it was a somewhat easy thing for us to fall into. He knew the best product to be using that would give our pieces an edge and set us apart from the rest of the concrete world. If you take a look at any of our bowls or table tops you will see a gorgeous smooth finish with an array of tiny river stones scattered throughout. This is our signature and something we get a lot of compliments on.

For those who might be unsure about how to incorporate concrete homewares into their homes, what would be your styling tips?

Its all about texture! Concrete can often be seen as such a harsh & cold product, but I find if you have it mixed in with other textures and layers it becomes quiet beautiful. I’m a massive fan of metallic and most of our range sports some sort of gold or silver. Both work so well in any type of home or style. You cant go wrong with a concrete vase and some fresh blooms. Or one of our XL bowls filled with delicious fruits taking centre stage on your dining table.

Tell us about your range, what can we find on Smoke & Stone?

We never stop creating and are always testing out new products. Metallic’s are our staple – popular colours come and go but metallics are so trans-seasonal. From planters, to bowls, coasters, and side tables; We have something for everyone! We also LOVE doing custom pieces – dining tables, consoles, you name it we can do it.

What is your current best seller?

Since we started in January the Metallic Trio Set has been a stand our favourite every week! The Midas Touch Bowl Set also seems to be a massive hit. And of course we cant forget our Raw Side Table! Customers have been going nuts for those since our first release!

I am loving the below pieces, can’t wait to have my own home to style.



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