Introducing Sitting Pretty Halo Hair

From Clip ins, weaves to tape, hair extensions have been a savior for girls wanting to add instant length or fullness to there hair.  I cant wait to learn more about halo hair extensions as its something I haven’t experienced before. Stay tuned ladies, but for now enjoy my interview with Taryn.

What are halo hair extensions?

Halo Extensions are a new type of Hair Extension that are considered revolutionary because they don’t ruin your hair at all, well they cant! This is because they aren’t attached to your hair like other methods are. The Halo is applied in seconds by simply pulling your own hair over the top once it’s sitting on your head. It sits under your hair giving you instant volume and length. The best part is they are incredibly comfortable too, you forget it’s there.

Does halo hair extensions feel secure in your hair?

Yes Yes! This is one of the most common questions we get at Sitting Pretty. It’s very easy to see why people question if it’s secure because it’s just sitting on your head at the end of the day.

The fact of the matter is they are super secure and feel great when fitted properly. The Sitting Pretty Halo is designed to sit on the perfect angle, tucked under the occipital bone at the back of your head and underneath all your hair.

There are particular guidelines to follow to ensure the halo is secure and on the correct angle which can all be found on our website where we have videos explaining this. For example if it’s fitted too small it will feel like it’s going to pop off, and if it’s fitted too big it will hang over your ears and that will just annoy you. When fitted correctly you can shake your head and jump up and down dancing and it still wont move! It’s amazing.

Can you dye and use heat appliance on your hair extensions?

Sure! If you think you need to colour the halo we recommend toning down the lighter colours rather than bleaching the darker colours lighter as it will dry the hair out like it would our own. The hair is 100% Human so colouring and dyeing the halo is totally fine.

Same goes for hot tools, the Halo is human hair so it’s fine to use styling tools in moderation, but just like our own hair if its done too often it will get dry and break.

What type of human hair do you supply? 

At Sitting Pretty quality is extremely important to us. Our reputation as a premium Halo Extension brand comes from our extensive research and product development. Our Halos are made of 100% European Human Hair, and is Remy which means that the hair is from one donor and has all of it’s hair cuticles intact as well as aligned which means the hair wont matt up or tangle after 5 minutes of wearing it. Depending on how well the halo is cared for it can last between 3-12 months +.

Why are halo extensions a good choice over other methods of hair extensions?

There are so many incredible benefits from the Sitting Pretty Halo. A main one is that they aren’t physically attached to your own hair so they really can’t cause any damage.

Most hair extension methods will stress out the hair follicles because they’re pulling on the hair or weighing it down, and over time the hair gets stressed which can cause breakage and at times even bald patches.

Another reason the halo is so great is because it’s extremely easy to use, there are no time consuming or expensive installs or glues that are itchy and uncomfortable.

You can literally put it on in seconds and pull it off at night, this allows you to give your own hair a good wash and treatment so you can take care of your hair and let it grow.

Who said you cant have your cake and eat it to?

Another bonus is that the halo is just one piece, this allows it to be layered and cut to a style that allows your own hair to blend in seamlessly with the halo, they look incredibly natural when cut and styled and it’s the same every time you put it on so there’s no fuss!

It will also save you money and time in the long run because its a one off purchase until you need a new one! If you take care of your halo it can last up to 12 months!

The Sitting Pretty Halo has helped so many women feel better about their hair with out them having sacrifice their own hair in the process. We love that we’re helping women achieve their hair dreams.

Having hair that you love is one of those things that makes you feel so good and we cant wait to help more women discover perfect hair in seconds.


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