Introducing The Palm Beach Collection

I am obsessed with anything scented, especially vanilla! The Palm Beach Collection has some stunning pieces I know you will love. I had the pleasure of interviewing one-half of the brains behind the brand, Kirsten. Big thank you to Holly Asser for organising this interview.

Your brother used to be a carpenter and you a fashion buyer so what was the reason behind the change of career?

We grew up with parents that were entrepreneurs and amazing influences on us. In our eyes anything was possible. We were both ready for a change at the same time. A little worn out from our previous roles. I think deep down we both knew that we wanted to be our own bosses from an early age. Home fragrance was something that we were both passionate about. We wanted to create something that was affordable and luxurious but also appealed to a wide range.

Your collection of candles are absolutely gorgeous, what would be your favourite scent?

So hard to choose! We both really love the more masculine fragrances like Clove & Sandalwood & Lilies and Leather.

Where do you hope to see your Palm Beach collection in the next 5 years?

Within 5 years I would love to see Palm Beach Collection in the USA. Our export business is going very well for us. I think people really appreciate Australian brands.

Favourite beach in the world?

Easy! Palm Beach. Such an special spot in both our hearts. We both grew up on the beach at Palmy, now we take our own kids there.

Shop the rest of the collection here and check out their blog for some great home inspo here.