My Interview with Lilliane Caron

I love featuring powerful women on my blog, especially when they are their own boss. No matter what business they are in, they inspire me to do better. If a woman can decide her passion is worth turning into a business then I feel that personally, perhaps I could do it too?

One of these remarkable women I admire is Lilliane Caron, who is the owner of Waxaway and Caronlab. Followers of my blog will remember my post reviewing various Waxaway products. Since reviewing these great products I have become obsessed with them and my favourites are the ready to use wax strips which I use on my arms and legs with amazing results. If you would like to read my review you can find it here.

But for now let’s talk to Lilliane and uncover her amazing passion for her product. Whilst there may be many wax products on the market, Lilliane believes her products are a cut above. She blends her love of helping people feel good with her knowledge of what a wax product needs to be, which shows in the quality of the finished product.

Please enjoy my chat with Lilliane and be sure to check out the Waxaway products on their user friendly website.


From beauty therapist to business owner, where did the fascination for ‘wax’ come about? 

I always wanted to work in an area that I could make a difference in how people felt about themselves. As a beauty therapist working in my own salon, I did it all; from facials to massage to manicures, but I always enjoyed waxing the most. Removing unwanted hair can make someone feel 100% more confident. It’s the same as any treatment in the beauty industry whether it is getting your makeup or hair done, getting a mani or a spray tan; each treatment can make the client feel attractive, and confident in their own skin. While everyone experiences hair growth, some experience it more than others and this can effect self-esteem. Waxing can make such a difference in making people feel confident and powerful in their own skin.

What are the benefits of waxing hair rather than shaving?

Where to start? For one, the results last much longer than other DIY hair removal methods such as shaving and depilatory creams. There is always going to be a little bit more discomfort involved with waxing vs shaving, after all, you are ripping hairs out from the root rather than cutting them at the skin’s surface. However if the choice is having results that last for 4-6 weeks vs 2 days … I know which I’d choose! With shaving, the hairs become thicker, darker and grow back faster – meaning you need to shave more. It’s the complete opposite with waxing. Over time, regular waxing actually reduces hair growth and the hairs start to grow back finer. There is no shaving rash, no cuts or nicks and no itchy regrowth. Shaving can also be extremely harsh on the skin whereas waxing helps keep your skin healthy as it exfoliates as well as removes hair.

For the younger generation who may be attempting to wax on their own for the first time, what product would you recommend from your range?

Definitely the Aquawax Roll on Kit. The Aquawax Roll on Kit is water soluble strip wax making it the perfect product for beginners; if they make a mistake, they simply just wash it off and try again (instead of potentially losing an eyebrow!) It is an all-natural vegan friendly formula making it extremely gentle on the skin, again, this is great for beginners as different skin types can react to different ingredients so it’s always best to start off with something especially gentle. It comes with 3 different sized roller heads for facial, bikini and body making it really straightforward, and ideal for total body waxing. Waxing really is a piece of cake; it just takes a little practice to get your technique down pat. Getting the temperature and consistency right can be tricky when you are starting out but it’s so important that your consistency is correct. Wax should resemble honey and glide over the skin. If it isn’t spreading smoothly, it is too cold and if it feels too hot wait a few minutes for it to cool to avoid burning yourself.

Where do you hope to see Waxaway in the next 5 years?

Gosh it’s hard to know, 5 years sounds like a long time but it’s really not! Time goes so fast these days. We do have some very exciting things in the works. We are continuously innovating new, cutting edge products for Caronlab which is our waxing range for professional beauty therapists. We are Australia’s number 1 wax manufacturer so we have quite a reputation to live up too! As our Waxaway products are based on the same formulas as our professional range we know we have high quality waxes that are easy to use and get good results. Now it is really just about expanding the range with new and exciting products, taking it international, and thinking of ways to educate our customers not just about the benefits of waxing, but the benefits of waxing with Waxaway in particular!

Describe Waxaway in three words? 

That’s easy. ‘The Ultimate Waxperience.’ This is actually the tag line of our latest Campaign. We spent a lot of time researching, and developing this campaign as we needed to be able to describe Waxaway in one short sentence that really resonated with the audience. Our aim was to convert waxing consumers to Waxaway from another brand by highlighting our points of difference, rather than switch a shaving consumer over to waxing. So, what makes us ‘The Ultimate Waxperience’, you ask? Well … Our salon quality formulas and ingredients do not cause irritations, unlike other waxes. Our waxes are made by professional beauty therapists and are based on professional formulas. All our products are Australian made and owned and we have a solution for everybody!

Waxaway offer online training, what courses do you have on offer? 

Yes we have training available for retail and trade professionals. As our products are sold in pharmacies and beauty outlets, it is extremely important that the staff working there understand our products and feel confident in recommending the best product for the customer. We have over 10 different training courses available on our website designed to explain our products and how to best use them. We try to offer as much support as we possibly can, that way we can feel comfortable knowing our customers are getting the help and advice they need.