My interview with Alyson Sturley Owner of TÄNDA Modern

Alyson Sturley is the wonderful owner of TÄNDA Modern. I had the pleasure of trailing some of her candles and they smell amazing. The wood wick is something I have never seen before adds so much class to the candle.

Alyson also has a beautiful range of homewares you need to check out! I don’t know Alyson personally but she has been a delight to work with and very generous. Enjoy our interview and make sure to shop her collection here there will be a fantastic giveaway of a TÄNDA Modern candle in my giveaway section this week to celebrate TÄNDA first birthday.

Not only are you a busy teacher you are also the owner of a great on-line home ware company what made you start out with candles? Thank you so much! I actually stopped teaching altogether to pursue TÄNDA, and I’m so, so thankful that it’s gone as well as it has! I think I got into it really from buying other candles and not being entirely happy with the final product. I’ve always loved candles, and once I moved into my new house I really wanted some lovely scents around. I purchased a few different ones, and wasn’t satisfied so looked up how to do it myself!

Favourite scent from your range? Ooooh that’s a tough one! I think it’s always been Lavender, Cucumber & Sage, although I love Oak Moss & Amber too…I’ve always loathed anything vanilla scented, and tried so many before finding French Vanilla Bourbon – I think that’s my ultimate Winter scent, I always have it burning now!

How did you balance working full time along with a side business? When I first started, I wanted to spend every single spare moment on the business – sadly, that was to the detriment of other things in life (study, seeing friends, etc.). I’ve since learned to strike a better balance, and make time every week to see friends and family. It’s especially hard to separate work life and home life when I’m currently based out of my home – every waking moment is TÄNDA!

Congratulations on your one year anniversary what can we expect to see next from Tanda? Thank you so much! Some days it feels like I started the business last week, and other days it feels like 10 years! We’ll be launching two new collections in June – the two Winter scents, followed by the Cities Collection. I’m really excited about Cities, as it’s 5 scents to represent 5 of my favourite places around the world! We’re also exhibiting at the Decor & Design Show in July, in Melbourne; we’ve never done anything like that before, so I can’t wait!