In lust with it: October

You may have heard that beauty boxes are taking over our post boxes and if you haven’t, I highly recommend getting a subscription ASAP!

It is the current craze and fantastic for all you makeup and skin care lovers out there.

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I was thrilled to receive my first box from the lovely ladies for the month of October (a little overdue, sorry). I received 7 items in a pink case. Firstly, I love food, especially chocolate and was thrilled to see an Atkins Chocolate Candy pack in my case. Apparently Kim Kardashian West is a big fan of the Atkins diet and anything Kim can do, I will forever struggle to do better. But these chocolate candies are low in carbs and sugar and tasted just like Smarties…we were definitely off to a great start.

I was so excited to try my sample of Skin Magic Tea from Your Tea. Unfortunately, when I opened the pack it fell on the office floor – bit of a fail there. We quite quickly moved onto Flormar Nail Enamel in a stunning bright, coral colour. As I am trying to save some cash (wedding and home fund) this was perfect timing to paint my own nails. The colour looked great especially with my fake tan and lasted chip-free for a week!

Next I received a loose compact powder. I am guilty of not using any when applying foundation and always say I will buy one (but never do). But now I have one, and it’s fantastic and doesn’t look too powdery. It’s also in a super cute compact with mirror and dabbing applicator – perfect for the handbag.

I received a highlighter, which is great for my cheekbones, although I still don’t look like Mrs. West with it on. Again it’s something I’ve always said I would buy, but don’t. Now I have one in my makeup drawer!

After bleaching the crap out of my hair these last few months, my hair needed a good hair treatment so I was thrilled to try Hair&Me’s treatment. Although it was very runny, it smelt amazing. I would recommend only applying a touch to your roots and more to the ends. I had to shampoo and condition my hair twice, as it felt very oily, but my hair ended up with less fly-aways.

For $19.95 I received over 7 items including a great case (the Hair&Me treatment alone is worth RRP$19.95) so it’s well worth your dollars ladies!

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