I’m in love with the KOKO

I was recently gifted a Evy Professional E-Curl. It’s been a while since I have used a hair curler as I have been curling my hair with my hair straighter. I thought I would put together a little guide on how to curl your hair and would love to see you all recreate my look. Okay, recreate the famous ‘Khloe K do’.

Key features:

· 25mm round with clamp for easy styling.

· Extra-long barrel for easy styling for longer hair.

· Bevelled edge on clamp allows wrapped curls to be seamless with no marking.

· Patented EVY Mineral technology to lock in inner hydration for longer lasting curls.

· Unique rotating cool tip for fast easy styling control.

· 5 heat settings (140°C, 160°C, 180°C, 200°C, 220°C) with LED indicator light up 220°C for precise digital temperature adjustment – perfect for any hair type.

Let’s style girls: Prep

1. I find washing my hair on the day of an event is the way to go (for my hair type). I am currently using Me & My Blondes and all shampoo & conditioner.

2. Give your hair a good towel dry and apply a heat protection of choice. I am currently using Silky Soul Angel Magic Moisture from Me & My. Apply to the ends of your hair.

3. Hair dry your hair upside down using your fingers to create volume.

4. Once dried I like to give my hair a light straighten to fight that frizz. (Wog hair is hard work).

Viola…. time to curl

1. Section your hair starting from the bottom working your way up.

2. Grab a piece of hair starting from the front (near your face) and curl the hair facing the back.

3. With the next section of hair, repeat, but curl in the opposite direction and repeat.

4. One you reach the top of your hair curl the hair away from the face.

Poodle alert

1. So now your probably looking like a poodle but have no fear cause you’re going to transform into Khloe Kardashian in a matter of minutes.

2. Apply a small amount of product to your hands and massage the product in. I am currently using KISSSS Controlling Gloss from Me & My.

3. Simply start playing around with your hair giving it a little movement from the roots down (I like to flip my hair upside down) and work my hands through my hair.

4. You can brush out your curls if desired but as my hair drops, I like to keep it as is.

5. Give it a light spray and you’re ready to take a million insta-worthy selfies.


· If your anything like me, you probably neglect the back of your hair! SIMPLY grab a mirror to check out what’s going on back there. Hehe

So, what do you all think? I absolutely love this hairstyle. It’s so glam, so in season and SO easy to do yourself.

For more information on EVY Professional check them out here.

Post editing by Hayley Campbell.