Hard Alert

For someone so organised, I can also be SO unorganised I know, I know, you’re probably all thinking, ‘how does that even make sense!’.

The thing is, as my following grows, so does my workload, and sometimes it all gets a bit too much. I’m talking paperwork everywhere, unopened and unfiled emails and a million items scattered all over my desktop – mainly blog inspo. My organisational skills take a turn for the worst sometimes, and when they do it leaves me feeling really stressed out. As someone who’s usually neat and organised, having things fall into such a state is horrible.

I am constantly buying USB sticks to store files on, because my harddrive is so bulky and well, bright red. It’s hardly the ultimate blogger accessory am I right?

When I was asked whether I wanted to try the new Western Digital redesign of their My Passport product, I knew I needed to check it out for my tech-savvy friends.

I am not here to give you a tech nerd review – come on guys, you know me. Gigabytes and RAM ain’t really my thing. What I can tell you, though, is this is the most stylish portable storage drive I have ever seen!

I was sent the My Passport for Mac (yes, I do sometimes cheat on my beloved Acer) but it is also Windows compatible, so I can use it between both laptops.

It literally fits in the palm of my hand, making it the perfect size to slip into my handbag, clutch or laptop case – handy! AND, it even comes in six colours, so there’s that blogger accessory factor I was lacking in my big red block! Shockingly, I went for black (because black is life, right ladies!?)

I have been carrying this around everywhere I go. It’s all set up with organised folders from all my shoots and collaborations, documents for my editors and a whole bunch of music and movies as well. It’s great for travelling or working on-the-go. It’s no wonder these guys are the world leader in data storage!

For more on WD check it out here.

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