I have received my fair share of flowers from my fiancé over the last 5 years. He sure spoils me in the floral department! There is nothing more special than receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers – you’re the envy of all your office pals, and of course you get an epic Instagram shot.

I love sending my friends and mama a bunch of flowers on their birthdays, or just randomly to brighten their day. It’s the little things, y’know?

I was thrilled when Kym, owner of Posy Blossom, reached out to me. Kym was working the corporate ladder for 10 years when she decided to throw in the towel and pursue her dreams. Her creative juices got flowing, and she launched Posy Blossom – her very own happiness project.

I received a beautiful posy delivered to my office on Friday. I had been in a foul mood all week, girls, so this was just what I needed! My periods don’t usually affect me much, but this time I have been an emotional, overwhelmed, psychotic wreck. I was feeling fat and gross – as you do – so to receive a bunch of flowers really made my day and made me want to cry with happiness!  I may or may not have shed a tear on the way home on how pretty they were. Hormones, hey?

Sending flowers can be expensive and difficult, when there is so much variety online. But, for only $40 you can send your loved one or yourself a beautiful, hand selected posy that Kym has made herself.

Love flowers on the reg? There’s a subscription option. Yep, a subscription of fresh flowers..um yes please! So ideal for my reception desk, or kitchen bench at home. Flowers create such a beautiful vibe to any room – especially in summer.

Posy Blossom also offers fresh floral crowns – super cute for the polo, races or kitchen tea, ladies. Their floral events and workshops are also worth checking out. I’m so excited to seeing Posy Blossom grow. Kym, congratulations on following your dreams, hunny! 


My beautiful posy was gifted to me for review on my blog, by Kym at Posy Blossom check it here.