HairClutch by DAME

For those who have clip- in hair extensions keeping the hair in-tact can be quite the task. My mum would always yell at me because I used to leave my clip-ins all over the house, the hair would end up getting into knots, it was a huge pain to untangle the hair and even more of a hassle when I traveled. The HairClutch is such a great invention by the Dames Amalia Moscoso and Debbie Batres.

Meet the Dames, Amalia Moscoso and Debbie Batres.

How did the concept for the HairClutch come about?

As a hairstylist I saw the need for myself, friends and clients to put their hair in SOMETHING. The inception of the idea was about 14 years ago when I saw a friend of mine hang her hair on pants hangers in the closet. Originally we were working on a garment bag for hair, but it just never felt like that was it.  Until one day one of my clutch purses fell on my head out of the closet and boom, The idea for HairClutch was born. I guess you could say the idea fell out of the sky.  I took the idea to my childhood bestie Debbie Batres and together we developed the idea you see today.

What are the benefits of storing hair extensions in a HairClutch?

HairClutch features 3 key benefits –

Storage: Holds the hair into place allowing the hair to hang in the bag on a hanger or in the closet anywhere convenient for you. Its protective cover will keep it from tangling or touching anything that will damage the hair.

Travel: HairClutch rolls up to resemble a clutch purse easy for transporting stylishly and keeps your extensions a little secret while doing so.

Styling assistant: You can style your hair while its hanging in the bag due to our patented clip grip system. You can have 2 free hands to hold the iron, or any styling tool and style the hair at the same time.

For those who have never owned hair extensions what tips can you give on caring for these extensions? 

Keep your hair untangled, allowing it to get into a ratty mess is going to shorten its life span because you will end up ruining the hair when you brush it out. Keep them clean as allowing styling products and air pollutants to sit in the hair for long periods of time will make the hair dry and brittle. After washing, let the hair air dry as often as possible. Even when it is human hair, the cuticle has been removed by most companies, therefore it does not need conditioning the way our hair does. A little leave-in conditioner will suffice after a shampoo. Use light shampoos that are sulphate free and not heavy. Baby shampoo is great for hair extensions. We of course, invented HairClutch to solve all these problems!

Can the HairClutch be used just for hair extensions or can I store other beauty goods in there? 

We don’t advertise HairClutch as a purse by any means, it is designed for hair pieces. However, we do have customers that tell us when in a bind they used it as a clutch purse and went out!  They would take the hair out of it and used the zipper pocket at the bottom to put phone and ID in. Sometimes they use it because it matches their outfits perfectly! We think its funny, but its not advertised for this.

Is the balayage trend still trending?

Balayage is a hair colouring technique to create a natural highlight. It resembles the natural colouring of a 12 year old. It gives a beautiful, youthful look. It is definitely a widely used technique that won’t be going away any time soon.

Thoughts on the top knot hair style? 

Top Knots? What is there to think about other than to be grateful that a lazy girls look is now seen on runways and magazine covers.. who doesn’t love a top knot? In fact keep a look out for The Hair Dame’s collaboration with Laruicci for top knot and ponytail styled bangles.

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