Guest Post: Top Shoe Care Tips for Keeping Your Favourite Pairs in Best Condition

If you’re like me, you have a whole wardrobe full of shoes. Everything from kitten heels to stilettos to trainers – you name them, I’ve got them. I think a good pair of shoes can pull together even the most basic of outfits, making anyone look chic and stylish in no time. To help keep yours in tip-top condition, I’ve put together a little guide on how to look after shoes. From how to clean suede to looking after leather, here’s all you need to know.

Suede for Days

When it comes to suede shoes, you have to be super careful not to ruin them. With such a delicate fabric it can be tough, but they look incredible so it’s worth it, right ladies? Firstly, always spray your shoes with a weatherproof suede protector before you even step outside. This’ll provide an extra shield against wear – and suede definitely doesn’t go well with rain and puddles so it’s important you do this.

On to how to clean suede – you should definitely invest in a suede brush and it’s better to dab at dirt with water and a soft cloth rather than using any harsh shoe cleaners.

Leather Forever

Two essentials for leather shoes are a suitable shoe cream and a shoe polish (preferably one with beeswax in it). These products are great for both cleaning and protecting leather shoes – just make sure you apply them regularly to see the full benefits!

Leather shoes are best brushed with a horsehair brush if you need to get rid of any pesky bits of dirt. This’ll stop any scratches or scuffs – which you definitely don’t want – from appearing on your shoes.

Trainer Chaser

Whether you only wear them to the gym or love that sports-chic look, trainers get dirty super easily. But luckily, they’re also easy to clean!

I wouldn’t suggest chucking them in the wash as this can cause damage. Instead, you can hand wash them in the sink using shoe cleaner for a squeaky-clean finish or, if there are just a few marks, you can simply dab at the areas with a shoe cleaner or detergent mixed with water.

General Shoe Care

If you want to make sure you’re giving your shoes the best chance at a long life (and who doesn’t!?) here are some extra little tips you can follow:

· Use a shoe horn to keep your shoes in shape when you’re not wearing them

· Store them properly in boxes

· If your shoes get wet, scrunch up newspaper and fill the insides, leaving them in a warm place to dry before storing

· Mix up what you wear – wearing the same shoe every day is inevitably going to cause more damage as you don’t give them a break

Hopefully you can follow that advice and keep your shoe collection spotless! A good shoe needs a good owner to keep it looking gorgeous, so don’t let yours fall into disarray.

This post was written by Jessica Cull, a freelance writer.