Colour trends come and go but this year everyone is talking about pale shades, sage greens, warm neutrals and dashes of pink blush. Moving out of summer, we’ll be replenishing our dehydrated and often sun-laddered skin, and these colours are a natural go-to option to freshen up our look.

As a mum, model, influencer and Amcal Pharmacy Beauty Ambassador, Rachael Finch has her finger on the pulse for all things on trend this Autumn and says the season’s freshest pastel make-up is on top this year.

“There’s something about shell pinks, soft lilacs and pale sky blues come autumn time – pretty pastel make-up in dreamy hues never feels more apt than it does in those first days of a new season,” Rachael said.

For 2018, the way to wear pastel make-up is to compliment the tones with a shimmering undercoat or contrast it with a deep navy eye shadow. Colour correcting foundations also tend to use pastel shades to neutralise redness, sallowness and pigmentations for a flawless, even-toned base.

We spoke with Rachael and asked her to provide her top five products, tips and tricks to making pastel make-up the freshest start to a new season look

80s Powder Blue, don’t knock it until you try it. Colour Theory Nail Polish, It’s a Boy, RRP $4.00

“Powder blue is gorgeous and looks fantastic as a pop of colour against a monochromatic colour scheme. You can incorporate it into your look in different ways but my favourite is on your nails, I’d try this nail polish from Colour Theory for a modern and soft look,” Rachael said.

Pretty in Pink! Colour Theory Lip Gloss, Fairy Floss, RRP $10.00

“Everyone loves a soft dewy complexion – illuminators, highlighters and bronzers are all must haves, but you must not forget about the lips! Pastel colours work wonders to create a subtle lip colour. I love the Colour Theory Fairy Floss lip gloss to add a little extra dew to a fresh-faced look.”


Add depth for the perfect pout. Colour Theory Lip Liner, Sorority Sista, RRP $6.00

“For a long time lip liners seemed incredibly outdated and we forgot how much of a power product they really are. They enhance the shape of your lips, keep your lipstick in place and add a second dimension of colour to your look. Colour Theory’s Sorority Sista is a flattering and subtle shade of pink and you can pair it with a lip gloss like Colour Theory’s Fairy Floss to add a little more depth. ”

Poppin’ Cheeks. Colour Theory Blush, Dollhouse, RRP $6.00

“I think what I love most about pastels is the freedom to create. There is always the opportunity to take a colour you love and add that soft pastel tone to it. With a blush like Colour Theory’s Dollhouse, it is all in the application. For the best results, take a different fluffy brush after you first apply and blend out until you have created a more subtle hue.”


Green with envy.

Colour Theory Eye Shadow Duo, Jungle Jane, RRP $8.00

“Pastel colours are best for contouring the crease of the eyelid whilst the bolder colours create an autumnal ombre effect on your eyes. As the leaves start to fall from the trees, the green in this handy Colour Theory eye palette ties in perfectly with the change of season,” Rachael said.

Colour Theory is available nationally at an Amcal Pharmacy store near you. For the nearest Amcal Pharmacy please head here.

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