FRANKiE4 Footwear X Insincerely Her

So as the festive season is slowing winding down, for us bloggers the event season is just getting started. It’s a hard life being invited to events you know? The grazing platters, free-flowing sparkling, the goodie bags. The blog world can be lots of fun but hard work on the footsies especially when you’re running from event to event or running to top up your parking meter. Our poor feet do sadly suffer.

I came across FRANKiE4 Footwear via my Instagram and was impressed to see that the shoes are uniquely podiatrist & physiotherapist designed footwear. Mum has been telling me to invest in comfy shoes for years and I always tell her I am not wearing ‘chemist or old lady shoes’. You know that saying mama knows best? Yep, they do. You were right mama Chantal.

When I received the Cate heels in the mail and slid them on my feet I could not believe how great they felt. It was like little pillows of joy on each soul.

Couple goal alert? Caroline is the Designer behind FRANKiE4 Footwear. Her hubby, he is a podiatrist by trade. Literally, a couple made in shoe heaven.

When it comes to shoes there is an endless amount of variety in store and online but when it comes to quality, variety, and comfort but stylish options there isn’t really a lot around. Especially in the orthopaedic shoe industry.

Whether you have a footsie issue or not there is a stylish shoe on offer for all. From flats, sandals, active flats FRANKiE4 Footwear have your feet covered. I am loving my Cate heal in tan. They also come in black ladies. Definitely a staple in my shoe collection and perfect all year round. I promise they won’t end up in your hands after a big night with the girls.

Shop my Cate heel here make sure to check out the rest on offer! I defo be adding to my cart and investing in quality footwear.

Check me out, watch out Gigi.

Photographer: Ceejay Chong

Excuse the fake tan fail hehe