When Fashion And Human Behaviour Collide: A Conversation

I finally got a moment to sit down and reflect on a recent event I attended. When Fashion & Human Behaviour Collide. From being a volunteer to attending VAMFF, as a ”Z LIST” I still feel a massive pressure to look a certain way or be a certain size or wear brands that are #trending and seen on all the cool kids of Insta.

Last year I blamed the festival for making me feel like ”shit” but really it was my own insecurities and self-doubts. My girls asked me if I wanted to go to VAMFF a few months back and I politely declined. I think they were shocked but I just didn’t want to feel the way I felt last year. Catch up on my Debbie downer post here.

Let’s get back on track shall we!

Saturday morning. I started my day with nothing to wear, so I chopped up my one pair of jeans and turned them into shorts. Khloe Kardashian rocks them (yep justifying why I am wearing a DIY) I grabbed a shirt that I received in the mail the day before. Really needed a iron. Don’t have an iron. Mum does my ironing. Just wear the shirt Zee.

Shoes! Can’t find any of my heals so metallic silver it is… a pair of shoes I wore to VAMFF last year.. (such a bad amateur fashion blogger I am) and my first LV I got at the age of 21 (surely it’s vintage now?) I was a missed matched fashion mess but ain’t nobody going to be staring at my outfit when you have the likes of Sophie Cachia and Lana Wilkinson in the room. I wonder what Lana thought of my outfit… ??

I sat through three sessions and was blown away by each guest. It was such an honor to listen to all the ladies speak. If your obsessed with Lana’s Instagram, style and clientele wait till you meet her! She is just a little pocket rocket and has the most amazing legs and energy. Okay I am totally girl crushing right now. A piece of advise I thought I would share with you all from Lana is: You become what you believe.

I could go on and on but I guess to conclude my post, this industry is so tough, so competitive. It can break you and make you. I still have so much to learn but knowledge is power right? Even thought I already know the below on a bad day I can easily forget that:

  • Having an opinion doesn’t make you a bitch
  • Posting your latest purchase doesn’t make you a show off
  • It’s okay to take compliments
  • It’s okay to celebrate your achievements
  • They want to see you do good but never better than them

Sometimes I just need that reminder and hearing stories and advise from other women in the industry was what I needed to help gain a little bit of my confidence back. I was letting my own self doubt get in the way of attending a festival that I love so much and I have had nothing but good memories prior to last year, it really is just stupid on my part. But insecurities, intimidation and self doubt got in the way. On more then one occasion.

As a Z-LIST attending VAMFF I need to calm my farm and be honest with myself. The photographers arnt waiting for me. No one is gonna want to take there photo with me. I won’t be invited to sit front row at a show. I am simply attending the event with my friends and enjoying a little pre festival fun but most importantly enjoying the runway.

Will I be attending VAMFF going forward? Hell yeah.. thanks for the invite Maree your the only girl I would share a crumpet with at 9am in the morning.

Till next time,

Insincerely Her