Fake It Till Ya Make It

I have always been a lover of fake tan. There is nothing sexy about white pasty legs – unless you’re an English rose! I personally tend to let my beauty regime go a little over winter as it’s just too damn cold to do anything. Anyone else guilty of this?

I am always open to trying out a new fake tan as I’m forever on the hunt for that natural summer glow. I was delighted when Sunescape reached out to me to try out a few of their goodies. Okay, I lied. It wasn’t a few – it was literally a ‘tote full’.

So what was in my tote?

  1. Applicator mitt
  2. Gradual tan extender
  3. Instant self tan mousse
  4. Luxe self tan applicator mitt
  5. Bali breeze soy candle
  6. Gradual tan extender
  7. Hydrating body butter
  8. Tan removal mitt
  9. Striped beach tote

So what did I think?

Instant self tan mousse

I have been loving the Instant Self Tan Mousse before a last minute outing. I literally put it on and instantly have a natural looking tan. It also develops further over the next 3-4 hours if you’re after a deeper colour. It’s also fast drying so you don’t need to worry about about standing naked for too long, ladies! Definitely one of my faves from the collection. 

Bali breeze soy candle

I was very excited and a little surprised to see a candle in my tote. The Bali Breeze soy candle was not only packaged beautifully but was also sweet smelling of vanilla, coconut and caramel. My house smelt just like a resort which brought back many special holiday memories. 

Applicator mitt

I never used to use an applicator mitt and would always end up with choc top hands… not a sexy look, ladies. If you’re a tanorexic like me, this applicator mitt is perfect for a streak free tan.

Gradual tan extender

Something I have never used before as I purely thought they just wouldn’t work. haha! But it really helped extend my tan especially on my legs. It was also a great way to keep my skin hydrated in winter – something I’m definitely lazy with.

Hydrating body butter

I tend to not use a body butter as I don’t want to get any residue on my couch! True story. Such a wog I bet you’re all thinking! The hydrating body butter was actually not as oily as I expected it to be and smelt so good that I literally wanted to get a spoon and eat it! My skin felt amazing after using it, too.

Tan removal mitt

I have made many fake tan mistakes, especially when I sleep on it! Hello doona marks! I am usually left with a long streak for at least two weeks, which is not a good look! This mitt is great if you have had a tan stuff up. I find it works best in the bath, and it’s a great excuse to give your body a good scrub and start again. Defo a must-have addition to your tanning routine.

I can honestly say I have had a positive experience with Sunescape and highly recommend checking out the range if you’re after a new fake tan to try. Sunescape also have Afterpay if you’re a little short on the funds – cause let’s be honest who isn’t!?

Check out the range here.

Goodbye pasty white legs!

Post editing was provided by Emma Edwards of blogger services company, Kitt Me Out. Find them on Instagram @kittmeout.