Everlasting Memories

So it’s all about the digital era, am I right? Don’t get me wrong – I am so glad to be a part of the generation that created selfies, filters and hashtags. Everyone’s iPhones are attached to their pretty little hands, from my mum who is over 60 to my niece who is under 10 – and of course me, a blogger. It’s just the modern tech world we live in. Unfortunately, for all our snapping, tweeting and ‘gramming, pictures are rarely printed.

Who else misses a good old fashion picture in album? I sure do. It’s so much fun looking at pictures in real time, laughing (and cringing) at old times.

When I log into my old computer and see old pictures, I soo wish I had printed copies. Now, my dreams are coming true as.

I recently printed some pics from a company called Printiki. The process was pretty simple. I could basically print photos that I have uploaded on my Instagram and Facebook – genius! You can also upload your own pics, or import from Dropbox, One Drive, etc. You have the option of choosing a variety of sizes and borders, and you can transform your memories into personal keepsakes like photo books and albums.

I absolutely love the pics I received in the mail. I chose the minis for use in flat lays and have loved dressing up my desk with some happy snaps.

It is so easy to lose your saved pictures on your phone or computer, so having a print is a great way to save a lasting memory.

If you would like to try out Printiki, I have a little code which will give you free shipping. Simply use N4X23KEJ  at the checkout. Ain’t nobody got time for shipping costs!

I absolutely love my prints and can’t wait to print a few year’s worth of memories.

Have you tried Printiki?

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