Essential Oils For The Working Girl

Use essential oils like a goddess and still have a penchant for Prada.

There’s a saying that essential oil users whip out more often that a credit card, which is, “there’s an oil for that!”

Eaten too much sourdough, fried saganaki, cronuts, megashakes and topped it off with a few too many wines/tequila shots? (Every bloggers diet right?) Fear not for your food baby, we’ve got an oil for that, DigestZen. 

Can’t sleep? We’ve got an oil for that, lavender.

Everyone around you is sick, hacking their syphilis all over you and it’s something you can’t afford to get? Uh, do you even need to ask? Of course we’ve got an oil for that! On Guard is your protective blend.

There’s a myth floating about that to use oils you need to stop using deodorant, and start knitting your own clothes out of the fur shed from your cat. Ew. No.

The truth is, errrrrybody needs oils in their life.

Essential oils are pure plant extracts that support all of our bodily systems; immune, skin, muscular skeletal, digestive, renal, lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, and what they do for our emotional and mental health is NEXT LEVEL!

Ever smelled something so good it makes your lady parts tingle?

Hell yeah you have!

Our sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system in the brain which governs our emotional responses.

These are physiological reactions to the aromatic compounds that we are snorting.

Essential oils positively react with our brain chemistry and help us to balance mood, stress and anxiety.

No more flipping out over that bitch that bought the last size 37 Valentino flats, or that douche who trolled your latest Instagram post. Just slap some frankincense and lavender on yo’self, flip them the bird, and move on.

We can also use them topically for a whole host of woe, like headaches, the attention span of a goldfish, and forehead wrinkles from too much WTF’ing.

Pairing lavender and peppermint oils to dab on your temples and the back of the neck, will alleviate a headache.

And don’t think you need to spend $246 on Rodin’s Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil, made with ‘or-ganic bulgarian lavender essential oil’.

You can whip up this luxe item for less than half the price of an espresso martini, by simply nab-bing some jojoba from Priceline and adding your own lavender oil. I’d add some frankincense for good measure and additional asking support. We’ll have you looking like a 16yo virgin in no time.

Blending peppermint with lemon oil will help you focus and give you the pep you need to stay on task. That Melbourne cup outfit is not going to style itself so use this blend to get shit done and stave off procrastination.

And if you want food that has all the flayva, can sling some oil in that too. Think wild orange fla-voured chocolate brownies, lemon curd tarts, and epic peppermint slice.

And if it’s date night, you can pregame your lusty breath with a drop of peppermint oil before you pash on.

We recommend certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils like doTERRA, that are food grade, beyond organic, and support ethical sourcing.

The top ten oils we think everyone should have, have all your working girl needs covered!

• Frankincense – excellent for skin conditions,immune support, grounding, cellular and neural health, inflammation, calming/anxiety.

• Lavender – skin clearing, immune support, pain relief, calming/anxiety, sleep.

• Lemon – detoxifying, deodorising, brightening, uplifting, natural cleanser.

• Tea Tree – air purifying, skin clearing, oral health, pest repellant, surface cleaning.

• Oregano – powerful cleanser, immune support, antioxidant, food flavouring, mould killing, fungi-cidal, mega strong and will get rid of that manky toenail FAST!

• Peppermint – digestive support, oral health respiratory health, cooling for fevers, energising and focus, head tension when paired with lavender, and fresh breath to pash on.

• Easy Air – respiratory support, clears airways, good for asthma, allergies and sinusitis.

• DigestZen – digestive health, motion sickness, travel sickness, nausea, IBS support, gastro and vomiting. Also good to pregame a heavy session of cheese, booze, and bread

• On Guard – immune support, natural cleanser, air purifying, antioxidant, excellent guard against environmental threats.

• Ice Blue – natural ‘deep heat’, muscular tension, aches and pains, calming for nervous system.

If you’re new to oils, the best place to start is an introductory class and I teach you all the tricks of the trade like no other. You have been warned.

I’ll be teaching you our favourite – and easy – ways to implement essential oils into your life that won’t break the bank or be too complicated!

Over herbal tea (or a glass of champers – we aren’t savages!) we will learn:

+ how to make your own perfume and beauty products to smell like a goddess

+ become rad at sleeping

+ enhance your cooking with these food grade babes

+ lower the toxins in your life

+ boost your immunity

+ DIY natural cleaning, health and home products

And because you are coming along to the How, To AND Why, we’ll also learn:

+ what essential oils are

+ how to safely use essential oils – because no one wants peppermint on their lady parts

+ why essential oils are great for mood management

+ the best essential oils to begin your collection with and how to get started

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Cherie Birks is the mermaid haired co-founder of The Aroma Co. An essential oil company she started with her mum, because everybody needs oils. With a penchant for grandiose thinking and professional laundry dodging, she is a lifelong oil user anointing all those who will it. And some by accident, (shh!). All she ever wants in life is to educate others about oils, and to help women help themselves. Mostly to a second helping of chocolate…