En Route Caulfield Racecourse

I am so excited to share this post with you all. Those who know me well know I am obsessed with attending the races. I have been attending the Caulfield Cup over the last few years. A few years back I volunteered with Starlight Foundation and just fell in love with the racecourse. It’s a lot smaller than Flemington and the vibe is a lot more relaxed and fun.

Tiny (only pic I could find) 

This year I will be attending Ladbrokes Caulfield Guineas Day and Caulfield Cup, a week apart! Apologies to my feet in advance, ouch!

I thought we could take a walk down memory lane and I could share with you what I have worn over the last two years and the first is a shocker, but ladies we keep it real on Insincerely Her.

2014: Fashion Fail

This first look is just so fluro. I am no joke the pink highlighter and what was I thinking with the floral crown, this isn’t a kitchen tea? The hair is all over the place and screams extensions gone wrong. The entire look is just wrong and messy. The highlight of the day for me was meeting How Two Live dynamic duo Jess and Stef who were both so lovely and looked amazing with their unique dress sense and would have been judging the hell out of my look, along with everyone reading this post now … he he.


2015: Progress

I had just gotten engaged so I had a gorgeous diamond to show off. I loved this Cooper Street dress I picked up in Myer which was on sale. I just loved the sleeveless blazer element too, along with the quality of the dress. I got mum to change the original buttons and add two whites to break up the black and make it more original. My fascinator was under $20 from Spotlight and I wore a pair of heels that I knew I could last in just, from Sportsgirl. I loved this look, definitely improved hey?


As much as I would like to say I attend the races for the horses, I don’t. I have a little punt as it’s a must but if you’re after any horse tips I am not your girl. I usually go for the horse with the cute name or a number I like #amateur. When you’re on the sideline and the horses run past you; the atmosphere and vibe, the sounds of the horses and cheering is just something everyone should experience. Even better for those who placed a bet on the winning horse!

As I am obsessed with food I am so excited to eat at Caulfield this year from Mamasita to Mr Miyagi just to name two. I will be in food heaven which will go a treat with all the bubbles I will consume on the day; along with the marquees and DJs, we are in for a treat.

I am most excited to see David Jones Fashion Stable, a new edition to Caulfield and a wonderful modern take on fashion on the fields. I have registered (#nervous). I can’t wait to see the lounge and style illustrators and to see what Nadia Bartel, the Caulfield Cup style ambassador will be wearing over the Carnival.

My tips:

* Don’t buy new shoes. Wear an old pair that you know you can last in and if they get ruined you won’t be crying after spending $200 on a new pair. I would suggest a block heel but in most cases I wear a short mid heel that I will be able to last in. Take insoles if they work for you, bandaids to be safe and have your toenails painted, ladies.

* Eat a light brekky before you start on the bubbles.

* With Melbourne’s weather it could be raining one minute and sunny the next so I would advise having a coat/jacket in your wardrobe handy in case the forecast aint looking great or a backup outfit with sleeves or a cape.

* Grooming: have your eyebrows neat, nails painted, and go easy on the fake tan.

* Don’t think you need to spend a fortune on your headpiece, look online as Etsy and Ebay have some affordable pieces along with stores like Collete and Lovisa. Try my DIY I created here or If your friends attend the races on a regular basis, I am sure they have a bunch of headpieces lying around if you’re a first time race goer.

* Find a clutch that fits all the essentials, ladies. I usually have a portable phone charger, phone, tissues, lipstick, ID and money. Tip – get all your friends to bring one item of makeup such as concealer or bronzer. Then along with a comb and a few bobby pins you should be set for the day without struggling to close up your clutch.

* Caulfield is a little more relaxed when it comes to fashion so you can wear a jumpsuit, playsuit or a killer wide leg pant with an off the shoulder top, which would be my ideal look (I just need longer legs to pull that one off). Be creative.

* Wear spanks if needed, I live in mine.

* Accessorise but don’t go overboard.

* Apply a little sunscreen to your body parts on show as the last thing you want is bright red shoulders, nose and back. I am guilty of this.

* Sunglasses can make or break an outfit. I see girls in beautiful dresses yet they have a pair of aviators on that just ruin the look.

* Have a dress rehearsal and take pics of your outfit prior and see what you can improve or take out of your look.

* Drink water while drinking all those bubbles. Again I am guilty of not doing this.

* Pre-purchase your ticket here.

* If meeting your friends at the racecourse, I would suggest meeting somewhere more central like Flinders Street and go in together. Reception can be painful at the races.

* Arrive early to have a celebrity stalk or get a good table for the day or picnic spot.

* If someone has your dress don’t stress, go say hello and take a pic together. #supportasista

* Be prepared for long toilet queues.

* If attending with your partner co- ord your man’s look with a pocket square of your choice to compliment your outfit.

* Keep your makeup natural or add a bold lip for an effortless day look.

Most importantly have a great day, play up your style. The races are so much fun so don’t put too much pressure on your looks and lets all hope the weather is on our side.

To find out more visit Melbourne Racing Club here

All editing by Kellie Warner