DIY lavender soap

Who doesn’t love a beautiful soap? I find the best ones at local markets when I go away on a little staycation. Soaps make amazing features in the bathroom or in your linen draw or even a brilliant little last minute gift for a loved one. As you all know I am loving a DIY lately so enjoy my DIY soaps below- it’s so easy ladies.

What you need:

• 6 pack of plain soap. I got mine for $2 from Coles.

• Candle/Soap moulds (could also use a muffin tray)

• Dry flowers (I used some dry lavender I had laying around the house) Fresh flowers, rose petals would look so pretty.

• Diffuser oil (Euphoria) scent of choice lovelies.



Step 1: You can chop up your soap with a knife but I found using a cheese grater an easier option. Alternatively, place all soap in a plastic bag and smash it on the ground a few times if you need a little de-stress.

Step 2: Add a few handfuls of soap in a microwave safe bowl add some water and cover with glad wrap and place in the microwave with half a cup of water.

Put on high for around 40 seconds once done stir with a spoon and add more soap and water and repeat.

Step 3: Your soap mix should look a little gooey don’t panic. Mix in a few drops of diffuser oil and stir. You can add your flowers in now or add it to the tops of your soap like I did as you can see in the below images. I really loved the finishing look but it’s completely up to you.

Step 4: Get moulding I used my hands to add soap into the moulds. Don’t freak out if you see clumps in the mix it really adds to the finishing Look.

Step 5: Place flowers on tops of the soap you have placed in the moulds if you have added flowers in prior, it’s optional if you want to add to the tops.

Step 6: Place moulds into the fridge overnight, the next day carefully take them out.



Voila, what do you think?

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What I love about these soaps is the texture especially the stain the lavender left on the tops. They looked so pretty in my bathroom and when I used them in the shower I found the soaps lasted a lot longer than a pre-bought soap.
You can get so creative with this DIY. Would love to see you all try this and share your pics.

Big thanks to Sabine and Sparrow for sponsoring me with three gorgeous diffuser oil samples, each was divine visit the website here. The delightful Lynn from All Australian Candle Making supplies and kits for sponsoring me on this project. Visit the website here and the lovely Eleisha for the amazing images check out her work here ladies.

Wanting to make your own? you’ll find all the information and goodies on the site