DIY for the furry friends this Xmas.

I finally decided to attempt a DIY project this year. I’d initially planned to gift them to my friends. But one day an idea just popped into my head, to do something for my furry friends.

I found these awesome globes on eBay, which were only $1 each with free postage. They arrived within two weeks of purchase, which was very impressive. I also purchased some red gingham ribbon, as I love old-school Xmas style. Again, this was only $1.09 for 25 yards, which was more than enough for my little DIY project.

As I am a huge cat lover, I thought I would fill the globes up with dry biscuits, because what kitty doesn’t love biscuits?

I put the globes together and added a touch of sticky tape on the bottom just in case it opened, followed by a touch of ribbon to make the perfect bow. Let me tell you, tying a bow is quite the task – it certainly took a few attempts! Make sure you have good scissors when cutting up the ribbon.
With these globes the possibilities are endless.

So make sure you get creative next Christmas, I sure will be.


The end result – I think they look pretty cute, haha!


Check out the suppliers below

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Have a Merry Christmas, lots of love.