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I am so excited to be collaborating with HYPOXI Moonee Ponds, Awarded HYPOXI Operator of the Year 2015. Through networking, I connected with Layce – who, by the way happens to be competing in Miss Universe this year and who also was awarded 6 free premium HYPOXI sessions at HYPOXI Moonee Ponds! I have been lucky enough to be gifted 6 premium sessions to feature on my blog, so a big thank you to Layce for the introduction to Laura Marazzi, Owner of HYPOXI Moonee Ponds who offered me the 6 free premium session pack as well. HYPOXI is a technique designed to tackle stubborn fat and cellulite on your problem areas through low impact exercise and unique compression technology.

I tried HYPOXI years ago – I had just two sessions but didn’t really know much about it. I was foolish, really, because two sessions isn’t going to give you the amazing results that a longer commitment will.

This time, I met with the lovely Laura, Studio Owner, for my free consultation and free 60 minute HD & S120 trial valued at $138 RRP. It was great to be greeted by happy staff members who obviously love the clients and their jobs.

Laura took a look at my problem areas, assessed me, set up a HYPOXI program, took my measurements and got into detail about what I be trialing.   Needless to say I was overwhelmed with the science understanding and passion Laura has for HYPOXI.

As I have the ‘blogger’ tag, I put on some make-up and a pair of leggings and jumper, and I even had my hair extensions in. It was the completely wrong attire as ‘HYPOXI and leggings of any sort are a big no-no to get the optimum blood flow to those pesky areas that just don’t budge and to get the optimum HYPOXI results’…..exactly as Laura stressed to me, but, y’know, hashtag that glam blogger life.

I want to stress, I am not overweight. I am a healthy 63kgs, but I have a pear shape figure and carry my weight around my thighs.  I whine about losing weight daily, and I find I’m either really good or really bad. Can I get a hell yeah for a good chocolate binge?! What was that I was saying about that glam blogger life?

I’m the same with the gym. I hate it, but it puts me in a great headspace and makes me feel good about myself, so I force myself into my activewear, take a hundred selfies and then just get on with it.

I actually find it so frustrating when overweight people tell me I don’t need to lose weight, or that I have nothing to worry about. I don’t tell them, ‘hey you need to lose weight’ or ‘lay off the cake!’ I find it so rude and discriminating – acceptance works both ways, y’know? But anyway, vent over.

When it comes to weight loss – or maintenance, really, in my case – I am doing it for me. It requires hard work and determination. While I’ve definitely never starved myself to death, I may have got involved in some fads in my time, but I haven’t got real image issues. I’m just keen to tone up and make my body the best it can be. That’s where HYPOXI comes in.

Anyway, back to my appointment with Laura. She squeezed every inch of me into the HYPOXI Dermology (HD) body suit to increase my HYPOXI results by 30% than with results of the bike alone plus helps reduce cellulite more, firm my skin and release fluid retention. I was ready to go. There’s that glam blogger life again guys!

The HD (HYPOXI-Dermology) Machine

This machine cups your skin from under the bust right down to your knee.  It assists with reducing the more severe cellulite, firms the loose skin and stimulates the lymphatic system to reduce fluid retention, and you go in for 20 minute sessions at a time prior to the bike machine. When you lay down to get connected up to the machine with hoses, it feels a bit like you’re going into space. I mean, I’ve never been, but who knows in the blogging world – maybe one day haha! The machine is like a strong vaccum/release mechanism, with a heavy sucking, tightening feeling, which is then released.  Kind of like Chinese cupping effect but with only 15 second intervals of suction it’s like a full body massage!

S120 (Stand Up Machine)

After the HD massaging suit I spent 30 minutes on the S120. There are 2 bike machines, L250 (lie-down) and S120 (stand-up) which work exactly the same, they just feel a bit different.  Whichever you prefer is the one you go with.  This bad boy targets the stubborn fat around the stomach, hips, bottom, thighs and lower back. Pretty much everything from the waist down.  I literally need one in my house, though I’d probably lay in there eating TimTams, so nah maybe not as the Laura consistently reminded me of this no sugar/carbs 2 hours before and 6 hours after rule.

Its key purpose of HYPOXI and the bike machine I trialed is to activate the blood flow to burn off all the fatty acids metabolized by the increase in cirlculation and reduce cellulite, so seeee ya bloated belly. This machine meant slipping out of my hot body suit and into, what I would call, a tutu as there’s this skirt you place around your waist to lock you into the to work on its natural fat burning technique with only air pressure. Hmm, maybe I am a fashion blogger after all!

Both were a great experience, but I’ll have to keep you updated as my sessions go on to show you the full result.  Laura is very knowledgable of HYPOXI and no wonder her studio won the HYPOXI Operator of the Year last year!

In the meantime, take a look at my pic – yep, there’s my double chin. I will be giving you more in depth information on the HYPOXI process over the coming posts and look forward to showing you before and after results. You’ll probs mistake me for Kim Kardashian’s booty by the time I’m done, but don’t worry, that’s cool with me.


HYPOXI Moonee Ponds offers a FREE TRIAL so call 9913 5873 or enter your details at for the girls to contact you and get you in to experience what HYPOXI is all about!  They have 7 HYPOXI devices (I think they’re the biggest studio with this many machines) so no waiting to join right when you go in for your free trial!  Most important when you go into HYPOXI Moonee Ponds mention my discount code ‘Insincerely her’ (only valid at HYPOXI Moonee Ponds location in Melbourne) for your special rates for being my follower!

To find out more about HYPOXI, visit the website here and for you Melbourne locals call HYPOXI Moonee Ponds visit the website here and call 03 9913 5873 to book your FREE TRIAL and find out what all the HYPOXI Hype is about!  My discount code ‘Insincerely Her’ is only valid at HYPOXI Moonee Ponds so hope you are able to attend this fantastic studio!  Stay tuned for more on my fat lift off!

Editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator 

Please note: After much thought I have decided to not proceed with this collaboration. I appreciate the sponsorship but I don’t feel like I am being truly honest with my readers If the post is co written so to speak.

I do wish Hypoxi all the best for its future.