Dear Mr Nasty man

I just wanted to let you know that you hurt my feelings.

One minute were having a conversation, the next you touched my breast and told me I need a boob job. You also told me I need to wear shape wear. You also criticised my hair and choice of outfit.

You left me in complete shock. I for once had zero comeback. You left me speechless. And I wanted to leave immediately.  I ate my feelings in the Uber on the way back whilst venting to the ‘’Uber man’’ and friend.

I woke up at 4am the morning after the event and your words were all I could think of. I sadly had let one person’s nasty opinions of me get to me. Your nasty cruel words.

I wanted to let you know for one. Being gay doesn’t make it okay to grab my breast. How dare you tell me I need shape wear. Sure, I have guts I love to eat. And I love to complain about how fat I am getting and do nothing about it (I am a girl that’s what we do). Well that’s what I do.

Did you know I am a massive binge eater? Do you know I starve myself majority of the day and then stuff my face at night?

Did you know I had a period of my life where I was taking laxatives daily for a quick fix to get ‘thin’. Ok I will keep it real I still occasionally do it.  Did you know I tried to throw up a few times?

Did you know I have always felt stressed to eat around people unless intoxicated? You know how people get fat shamed? Well I have been picked on for being ‘skinny’ also by bigger people and it’s not fucking okay.

This man wouldnt have known prior to the event, I had changed my outfit three times. Settling with the first. Already with doubts in my head about what I looked like. How my hair was sitting. Covering my ‘skinny arms’ so I wouldnt look so broad in photos.

And YES, I could do with a boob job. I have been booked into having a consultation on a few occasions. I’ve had my referral letters but you know what I changed my mind.

I am not against breast augmentations at all and am not ruling out that I would never get it done. For now I am very content with my breast shape. I honestly think breast would make me look bigger then what I am.

I can’t believe I am justifying the size of my breast now for the world to read. I am 28 and I am stronger than this. I just fear the next women you attack might go down a different path. Have you not seen 13 reasons why? I can’t help but think of a poor young girl you would say the same thing to and her life changed cause of your opinion. I just fear that. I fear people like you on ruining a persons life.

I am not writing this post to get attention or have people tell me what they think I want to hear. I just wanted to ask for everyone to think before they speak or act. Words hurt. We are all guilty of it. I am not fucking perfect.

If I could go back in time, I would have slapped the shit out of you. But I took the abuse and am letting your opions of me hurt me. It will pass right? Everything does.

Maybe you didn’t mean any harm, maybe you were high or drunk. Maybe your just an asshole of a person. I don’t know. But I don’t like you one bit. Sadly you can’t change a ugly heart. I want to believe you have good qualities about you I really do.

Your words hurt me.

On another note, I really did enjoy my family box from Maccas on the way home.