A clean home is a happy home

This is my first year spring cleaning: ugh, adult life, hey! It’s been just over a year since I moved out of my parents home and into my own and wow, it does get overwhelming – especially in the beginning. I will write more about my first year out of home in the coming weeks, but for now I am here to help you get your house sorted and make a few extra bucks in the process. With Christmas approaching, that’s a win-win if you ask me!

Before you start your spring clean, get yourself a coffee and a sweet playlist to have on in the background. I put my phone away – no distractions! – and light my favourite candle to clear my mind and get me in the right head space. I tell myself I am going to get this done and not crash onto my bed crying cause I am over it! Not even kidding, that’s defo happened before.

Bathroom/En Suite

First room in the house for me was the en suite, as I had so much make up, hair products used once or not even opened, a bunch of polishes all over the place – just so much clutter and no organisation whatsoever. I literally sat on the floor sorting out everything individually. If I knew things were a little old or have had their day, they went straight into the bin: no messing about.

Items of make up that were in good condition or used once, I pass onto a friend who is a make up artist. Hair products all went to my hairdresser. A box full of fake tan to a girlfriend. After two large garbage bags to the bin and a good wipe down and Jiff down, I had fresh bathroom drawers. I purchased a bunch of multi purpose baskets from Kmart (obviously) and now have four organised draws separating all my foundation, palettes, lipsticks – you name it, it’s got its own compartment.

I’ve even left myself two spare drawers for extra things that don’t have a home, though I can guarantee will fill up very soon! For now, things are neat! I also sold my old hair curler on eBay as I’d just got a new one – out with the old in with the new I say!

To-do list

  • Replace your toilet brush – yep, every 6 months is ideal!
  • Give your toilet and basin a good bleach
  • Clean your shower fan (look up, I bet you it’s filthy. God knows how, but it is.)
  • If you have a bunch of products in the shower you haven’t used for months, get rid of ‘em!
  • Clean soap scum off the floor with a good brush
  • Give your mirrors, handles, drawers and everything a little freshen up with a multi-purpose spray. I have been using Little Innocents multi-purpose surface cleaner. Shop here
  • If your bath seals are looking a little mouldy, renew your joints with Loctite Industrial Adhesive. Shop here


I have a wardrobe full of clothing, yet I never have anything to wear. Every weekend there is a breakdown. Over the last 6 months I have been living in the same 6 tops on repeat for work. Weekend day attire is my partner’s business work wear as it’s big, comfy and well, it FITS. I stupidly only wanted a wardrobe full of clothing so if ‘people’ come over they can think I have all this stuff. I have grown up and things that stupid don’t bother me anymore. Over the last couple of months I have sorted the crap outta my wardrobe – I’m just keeping the things I wear.

I have made a pile for charity bins.I have made a few bags for a few friends with items I think they will like. I am still in the process of selling items of clothing, shoes, bags other accessories. eBay & Facebook Buy Swap Sell groups would have to be my best recommendation. I have been selling items for cheap as I just want pre-loved goods gone.

I have organised my wardrobe into sections:

  • Gym/lounge/pjs
  • Summer/holiday
  • Winter/knits/coats
  • And an entire empty section with clothing hangers for new items.

I now barely have any clothing or shoes but am slowly buying new pieces I know I will be wearing more than once. Quality over quantity is my new motto.


  • Go through your socks – no need for any mismatched socks! Kmart have socks for $2 and the quality is great
  • All those undies that leave dints in your wobbly bits – bin them
  • Keep coats in garment bags
  • If it doesn’t fit say goodbye
  • Go through your jewellery and keep your earrings in mini zip lock bags to find with ease

Again Kmart have a great range of storage items so you can organise your scarves, bags, belts, etc. 


I would say the kitchen is the hardest to keep clean. It’s so easy for things to get disorganised.


  • Check your condiments’ used by dates
  • Clean sauces that may have leaked
  • Take out veggie draws and give them a good wash
  • Freezer: anything you haven’t used in the last 6 months, chuck it


I think I do a good job at keeping my walk-in neat but again the weekday rush can easily change that. I went through items of food that I know I won’t eat any time soon and placed them in the tea room at work. I double checked used by dates and gave every shelf a good wipe down.


  • Line up your stock to see what you need more or less off
  • Ovens, cook tops, and handles can look brand new again. Enjo Australia have some great items you can use throughout your household that are chemical free
  • Have an appliance you haven’t used in a while? Throw it out, donate it to charity or sell it online
  • Go through your towels. If they’re looking a little used, use them as cleaning rags and then throw them out
  • If your oven trays are looking a little used, bin and replace them
  • Wash your bin – it gets rid of murky smells and keeps everything hygienic! 
Yep I clean in my pajamas

I can honestly say making money off items you no longer want anymore makes spring cleaning a little more fun. I had an iron but don’t ever iron my stuff, so I sold it for $40 which will go towards my steamer. Win! I still have a bunch of rooms to get through. It seems mopping, dusting and vacuuming will never end, but if the rest of the house is organised I promise you will feel a million times better. Just take your time with it, and go out and spoil yourself with a fresh set of nails, some new towels, flowers or a candle for all your hard work.

Thanks mama Chantal for coming over and doing everything I refuse to do! I can sometimes be a princess. Only occasionally hehe.