Circa Home – Gratitude Collection

Am I guilty of always buying a loved one or friend a candle ABSOLUTELY! A scented candle is a perfect gift for any occasion especially Mothers Day, which is around the corner.

I was first introduced to Circa Home thanks to the good people at Nuffnang.  Circa Home exist to create memories for now and for the future. They believe it is about the little things, sharing, loving and giving to the people you care about. They touch peoples lives and homes with beautiful uncomplicated scents.

For Mothers Day, Circa Home have brought out a limited edition Mothers Day collection that is warm and inviting. I received the limited edition Honeyflower & Sandalwood candle. First impressions are everything, from the packaging and colors to the unique modern lid and double wick along with the sizing it ticked all my boxes and I would definitely purchase this candle not only for myself but for a loved one.

Circa_Home_2016_Honeyflower_Sandalwood_260g_Classic_Candle_Front Circa_Home_2016_Honeyflower_Sandalwood_260g_Classic_Candle_Back (1)

It was a beautiful candle that smelt divine. I couldn’t wait to light it up when I got home. The candle smelt amazing usually I only purchase a vanilla scent but I think Honeyflower & Sandalwood might be my new favourite.

I love that the candle had gratitude on one side which makes such a statement piece in the bathroom, living room anywhere really. I am quite guilty of taking things for granted at times, life can get so hectic and we forget what is important to us. I received a really cute notebook with the words printed on it ‘’ Today I am grateful for’’ which is going to look super cute on my desk.


Today I am grateful for: 

 My fiancé for all the money cant buy moments we have together.

My mum for at times driving me insane but always being there for me.

My two best friends for all the laughs we have together.

My readers for the support with my blog.



Sometimes we get distracted by all the negative or bad things that might be happening in our lives and forget to take a minute to appreciate the good and smile.  I thought I would give mum an early Mothers Day gift and let her keep the beautiful candle (she loved it)

This Mothers Day Circa Home wants to know what your grateful for simply fill out the form here and let us know what your grateful for (surely my blog hehe)  One lucky winner will win a prize pack valued at $251.60.

To see more of Circa Home collection visit there website here.

”Brought to you by Nuffnang and Circa Home”