Cheat Your Way To A Donut Wall

It’s time to say goodbye to the flower wall and hello to the new wall on the block, the donut wall. A wall you can actually eat! Yep the donut wall has taken over our Instagram feeds ladies.

As I am always entertaining at home dessert options can be a little hard I mean how many cheesecakes can I put out on the regular??

I have put together a cheats guide to a donut wall and the styling options are endless to fit in with a birthday, high tea, bridal shower or feature at any event your little hearts desire.

What you need:

  • Peg board. I bought mine from Kmart. If your after a particular size Bunnings, Ebay and any craft store have a great selection of peg boards
  • Wooden pegs (also from any of the above)
  • Donuts #obviously


1. Simply place pegs into pegboard holes.

2. Gently place donuts onto pegs. I would highly recommend measuring donuts to fit into you pegs.

3. Decorate your wall to your hearts content. Fresh flowers would look gorgeous.

4. After taking a million instaworthy shots… the donuts.

That simple ladies!

Please note: As I purchased this board I had less pegs for this project to create an entire wall of donuts feel free to add as many donuts as you like.

Photographer: Eleisha, check out her work here ladies