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Cheat Your Way Through Australia Day

I come from the land down under and I am so glad to have been born in this beautiful country that I get to call home. Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a public holiday for being an Aussie?! I was contemplating making all the Aussie classics, but I knew it would be an epic fail and really I just wanted to make my lovely readers’ lives easy – okay, and mine too I won’t lie hehe.

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Shake Your Bon Bon

Christmas in July seems to be a thang! I mean, for me personally, getting one Christmas together is hard enough, let alone two – that’s a no from me. But if you’re keen to carry on the Christmas spirit for those who are celebrating Christmas in July, why not get a little creative and attempt my DIY Christmas Bon Bons?

We all know a table is not complete without everyone’s favourite bon bons. I find the hats and bad dad jokes a little terrible to be honest, and let’s not even talk about the terrible prize on the inside. But still, they’re tradition, right? These bon bons are more for a girly Christmas get together, but you can put anything in them to suit your guest’s personalities.

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DIY lavender soap

Who doesn’t love a beautiful soap? I find the best ones at local markets when I go away on a little staycation. Soaps make amazing features in the bathroom or in your linen draw or even a brilliant little last minute gift for a loved one. As you all know I am loving a DIY lately so enjoy my DIY soaps below- it’s so easy ladies.

What you need:

• 6 pack of plain soap. I got mine for $2 from Coles.

• Candle/Soap moulds (could also use a muffin tray)

• Dry flowers (I used some dry lavender I had laying around the house) Fresh flowers, rose petals would look so pretty.

• Diffuser oil (Euphoria) scent of choice lovelies.

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Move over Martha

I am so excited to announce that I am now a creative contributor to one of my favourite blogs Who Loves That, massive pinch myself moment! I am such a fan of Emma from her style to her DIY projects to her recent wedding. Emma inspires me when it comes to blogging and now she is kinda my boss! So cool.

I look forward to putting together some fun content for a new audience and working with photographers and creating some magic for you all.

Take a look at my DIY coffee scrub which featured on Who Loves That here. I thought I would also share it below for you to try.


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DIY for the furry friends this Xmas.

I finally decided to attempt a DIY project this year. I’d initially planned to gift them to my friends. But one day an idea just popped into my head, to do something for my furry friends.

I found these awesome globes on eBay, which were only $1 each with free postage. They arrived within two weeks of purchase, which was very impressive. I also purchased some red gingham ribbon, as I love old-school Xmas style. Again, this was only $1.09 for 25 yards, which was more than enough for my little DIY project.

As I am a huge cat lover, I thought I would fill the globes up with dry biscuits, because what kitty doesn’t love biscuits?

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