V is for Vani-T

When I think of face powders, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘old lady skin’. Sorry if that offends anyone, but this is my blog and I can say whatever the hell I want!

I know a handful of lovely older ladies who only wear face powders, but when I look at their skin I think it could do with a bit more coverage.

I started wearing foundation at around 14, I think. Having always gone for a compact foundation or liquid foundation, I’d never purchased a mineral powder foundation, so I was keen to give one a go.

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Kylie Lip Kit

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ll have heard someone utter the two most valuable words on eBay right now: Kylie Lipkit.

Tbh, I think there’s almost as much interest in the Kylie Lipkit as the Federal Election. Seriously.

So let’s back up. Kylie Jenner had small lips, denied getting fillers, then admitted to it and turned her insecurity into a very smart business idea (say what you like, I think that’s admirable and I honestly take my hat off to her). And then, well, the world went a bit mental.

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Winter Switch

I was pretty excited when I received the iconic blue box from Bella Box in the mail this month. I used to have a subscription but unfortunately I had to cut some monthly expenses – and my Bella Box had to give. Damn you adulting. [enter I don’t want to adult today meme here.]

Am I the only one who lets myself go a bit in winter?! I omit fake tanning and moisturising and opt for hair-laden legs and a little extra winter thigh fat, and hibernate behind a big snood and coat for 3-5 months. Oh, and my hair has that cute chilly frizz to it, too. Glam, right? Thank goodness I am leaving for America in a few weeks to escape this depressing Melbourne winter!

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YES I have cellulite

“I would not want [Kim’s butt] — it’s gross! It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.” Who doesn’t remember that infamous line by Paris Hilton?!

Okay, so I have cellulite. There, I said it, and I can’t even blame my genes because despite being in her mid 60s, my mother barely has any (thanks a lot, Mum!). Here I am at 27, well on my way to that cottage cheese life.

I used to have a little cellulite on my thighs but over the last few years, it’s got worse…and I bet I’m not alone, am I right?!

It has made me a little more insecure and makes me think twice about wearing any kind of shorts, even in my bikini on holidays I wonder if people are grossed out by my body.

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Its easy being GREEN

I am so excited to welcome Good Green Box to the beauty box subscription family.

Good Green Box launched in June 2016, and they sold out in record time! Each box is packed with skincare, hair and nail care along with beauty.

For only $25 per month, you get a box full of goodies. I know, I know, the box thing has been done, right? Nope. These are goodies that are actually good for you – with no nasties!

Personally, I’m pretty lazy with keeping up with what is actually in my products I am putting on my body or on my face, so this was great for me. Each month, the products are carefully handpicked by a panel of beauty experts to ensure products are either natural, organic, vegan or cruelty-free.

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In lust with it

One of the perks of being a blogger, for me, is my monthly delivery from Lust Have it. Unpacking my case full of goodies really brightens my day in the office. It’s basically a box full of girly goodies.

I’d love to be more clued up about makeup, but to be honest, I’ve still got my training wheels on – but I am slowly getting there! I’ve just mastered one eye in winged eyeliner, GO ME! Who knows, I might be a vlogger soon and do some amazing before and afters on myself for my readers, or maybe become the new Tanya Burr? Sky’s the limit isn’t it?

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Calm your farm & SKRUB

With so many coffee scrubs on the market now, it can be a little overwhelming to know which one to purchase. I have been a big fan of SKRUB since its launch. If you haven’t read my guest contributor review on SKRUB please catch up here.

I didn’t know what to expect when Jenna told me she had been working on a new blend of turmeric and lemon but being the go-getter that I am, I thought I would put it to the test. I took a well overdue bath and got scrubbing. It smelt amazing – just like coffee but a little fresher. I personally could not smell the turmeric or lemon. To be honestly, I thought I would end up smelling like one of my favourite dishes from my local Indian restaurant which would have just left me really hungry!

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5 o’clock shadow

Recently while sitting in the office one of my colleagues mentioned that they could see my 5 o’clock shadow.

Now, I love honesty but how embarrassing!

I barely wear any makeup and have been trying to stretch out my waxing sessions to save a little cash for my wedding.

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NEEK Skin Organics

 I love a good lipstick and have quite the collection. Recently I discovered Vegan lipstick, something I’d never heard of before. Who would have thought there was such a thing?

Vegan lipstick by NEEK is 100% natural with no artificial or synthetic ingredients in any of their products. NEEK is also 100% paraben, lead, sulphate, phthalate, mineral oil and synthetic fragrance free.

Vegan lipstick is coloured the natural way using micas and pigments rather than synthetic dyes. NEEK’s vegan lipstick is made using a base of Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter.

Then it’s all topped off with a touch of sweet orange peel – a welcome addition thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties – and a dash of natural Vitamin E.

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Trefiel, tres chic!

It’s party season ladies! Time to get your skin glowing the simple way.

Once again, while suffering from insomnia, I was doing my Instagram scrolling rounds when I came across Trefiel. Gorgeous girls taking selfies with awesome masquerade-inspired face masks.

I was delighted when I received my mask in the mail. The packaging was great, along with the directions on the back of the pack. I’m a huge fan of simplicity and it was straight to the point… Well done there.

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In lust with it: October

You may have heard that beauty boxes are taking over our post boxes and if you haven’t, I highly recommend getting a subscription ASAP!

It is the current craze and fantastic for all you makeup and skin care lovers out there.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my previous post on Lust Have It, check it out here.

I was thrilled to receive my first box from the lovely ladies for the month of October (a little overdue, sorry). I received 7 items in a pink case. Firstly, I love food, especially chocolate and was thrilled to see an Atkins Chocolate Candy pack in my case. Apparently Kim Kardashian West is a big fan of the Atkins diet and anything Kim can do, I will forever struggle to do better. But these chocolate candies are low in carbs and sugar and tasted just like Smarties…we were definitely off to a great start.

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Kosmea Australia

So, after a recommendation from a good friend, I’ve recently become obsessed with rose hip oil. It seems like I’m the last one to jump on the bandwagon of lathering myself in this liquid gold.

For those of you yet to jump on the bandwagon, let me tell you, the benefits of this stuff are amazing. It helps with scarring (goodbye monthly break out scars), dry or damaged skin, and my favourite benefit, anti-aging.

My skin has been especially dry lately with the seasons changing (and let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger!) and I cannot get enough of this wondrous oil!

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Lust have it

Lust Have It is an Australian owned company and one of Australia’s leading beauty subscriptions. I love make up but can be overwhelmed by it when it comes to picking the right shade.

I came across Lust Have It on Instagram and had to reach out to the lovely ladies to find out more.

Basically every month you’ll receive a beautiful cosmetic bag filled with 5 to 6 samples for only $19.95 per month. Thats over 60 samples for a 1 year subscription!

Each month will be a different mix of beauty products including makeup, skin care, fragrance, body, and hair products. I get so excited when I buy a magazine and get a sample (sometimes I just buy the magazine for the sample #guilty) so just imagine getting to try a variety of samples every month?

Samples are great, it is a wonderful way to try items you may have never even thought about buying prior to receiving your Lust Have It box. The best part about this amazing box is that it comes straight to your letterbox or work place!

Lust Have It also have a Fashion and Beauty box & Eco box. Lust Have It carry a variety of well-known brands along with up and coming brands.

All my loyal readers who subscribe for the first time will receive a $5.00 discount on their first box! Make sure to use the code INSINCERELY1.

Stay tuned for my product review on my first box. Make sure to check out LUST HAVE IT HERE



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I only started looking after my skin when I was in my late twenties, believe it or not. I find skin care very overwhelming with so many brands on the market. To be perfectly honest I would just buy a scrub from the supermarket when I thought my face was looking a little dull or use soap in the shower which is very bad for your skin.

Aspect Skin is an Australian owned skin care company that formulates clinical skin care products and peels tailored to support the skin and address all skin conditions and concerns.

The Aspect Basic Starter Kit contains:

Purastat 5 Cleanser 30ml

Extreme C 20 Vitamin C Serum 15ml

Exfol L 15 Exfoliating Serum 15ml

Phytostat 9 Moisturiser 15g

The great thing about the starter kit is its a great affordable introduction to skin care. The products are a generous size and are fantastic to take along when travelling.

In the morning simply use the Purastat 5 Cleanser with lukewarm water to wash your face. Make sure to dry your face with a clean towel and then apply the Extreme C 20 Vitamin C Serum followed by the Phytostat 9 Moisturiser. In the evenings I like to cleanse my face again (completely up to you) followed by the Exfol L 15 Exfoliating Serum.

Sometimes serums can strip the skin, but I had no issue at all. Within a week my skin appeared clearer, my whiteheads were reduced and the moisturiser felt amazing on my skin.

If you are overwhelmed by skin care, I would highly recommend trying the Aspect Starter Kit which can be purchased at an affordable price here.

Aspect Skin have a range of great kits. Check them out here and make sure to check out the video to learn more about the products.

Thank you to Antoinette from Dynamic Duo for the opportunity.

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Say it with polish

I remember being a young girl and seeing my mum paint her nails, I would always convince her to let me paint my nails too. The love affair for nail polish started pretty young as you can tell. With so many nail polish brands on the market its clear to see how Say It With Polish has become a unique company in an already established industry.

Firstly when I received the packaging it was absolutely stunning and unique. Say It With Polish have a wide range of nail colours to choose from. For only $18 a bottle you can organise to get a personal message on the bottle. Great for a bridal party gift, birthdays or even corporate gifts.

Mine were personalised with ‘Insincerely Her & Ps I hate everything’ on the bottles. Which I just loved- thank you!


Make a personalised order today click here & follow Say It With Polish on Instagram here 

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Skin Juice Review

With so many brands on the market, finding the right skin care for your skin can be quite overwhelming and expensive. As I am approaching my late 20s (cringe) skin care is becoming very important to me.

Like many working two jobs, I am too lazy to wash my face after finishing work at 4am or after a big night. I just want to go to bed, but my skin suffers.

I reached out to the lovely ladies at Skin Juice who specialise in only the best care for every skin type. I suffer from breakouts. My spots can be quite large under the skin and very painful.

How many times have you visited a beauty counter or doctor and they’ve put all of the blame down to stress, medication, foods and environment? Unsurprisingly, even the makeup you use can play a huge part in distressing your skin without being emotionally stressed out.

So, to begin the cleansing process, I took part in a skin questionnaire so that Rachel from Skin Juice could get a better understanding of what’s going on under the surface.

We started with the Pulp Clarifying Cleansing Paste:

How To Juice:

Gently massage 2-3 squirts onto a dry face with dry hands, splash with warm water and aid removal with face cloth or sponge if required. I personally like to use a sponge as it really helps to get into the skin. I also highly recommend checking out Spud Sponge, the best sponge I have used in a long time.



I then followed this process with the Citrus Juice Oil Control Face Cream, from their range.

How to Juice:

After applying a Skin Drink in the morning, use only a small amount, (less than the size of a pea) warm in the fingertips and massage into the skin, allowing to absorb naturally.

When applying make-up, I usually like to wait around 5-minutes before putting my foundation on, as I like the product to absorb into my skin.

As for my pimples, I started this process at the right time. My skin was very painful and the pimples were very red in the affected areas.


How to Juice:

At home, apply a small amount as a spot treatment or apply to entire face daily or every second/third day. It can be used at night alone or layered with a moisturising product. It can be used under your moisture product if you will not be in direct sun.

Tip: If using Bio Juice, allow the Bio Juice to absorb for 10-mins before liquid is applied.

I like to do this before bed followed by the Green Juice Skin Balm Healthy Organic Skin Saver.

How to Juice:

Warm a small amount on fingertips and massage onto any area requiring protection, healing and moisture. For extra night-time nourishment, layer over Superfood Face Oil, or apply instead of day cream as your Day Quencher.


After three days I did see results in my affected areas. I had a little bit of peeling around my pimples from the Tri-Active Clearing Serum but the Green Juice Skin Balm helped resolve that.

Before using Skin Juice my skin was dull, discoloured and my foundation would not sit well, leaving me looking patchy – which was terrible!

If you have acne affected skin I highly recommend sending an email to a Skin Juice specialist via their website before purchasing, just so that you get the correct product for your skin.

Prior to using Skin Juice, I never used to look at the ingredients in the product I was putting on my face. Skin Juice is affordable, 100% natural, earth loving and not tested on animals.

Before & After

IMG_0136-1024x768       IMG_9834-1024x768


Check out Skin Juice here


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Kosmea | Australian Natural Skincare

2015 is definitely the year of Rose hip oil. Rose hip oil is an oil extracted from the ‘hip’ of the rose. The hip is the fruit that is left after a rose has bloomed and the petals have fallen.

Rose hip oil can be used by any person, of any age, with any skin type. The superfine oil is easily absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave behind any oily residue. Kosmea Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil, comes from wild rose hips and is naturally a rich source of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

Thank you Amber for taking the time to answer some of my questions.

What makes Kosmea different to other skin care companies on the market?

Kosmea skincare range is based on the healing properties of rose hip oil, with nearly all products containing rose hip oil as an ingredient. Kosmea also goes to great lengths to source the best quality rose hip oil.

What is your current best seller?

Our best selling product is our 20mL Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil – our signature product.

How important is looking after your skin?

Very important, as our skin is a living breathing organ and how we treat it will affect the quality of our skin in the long term.

If you could change one thing about the world what would it be and why?

Love; as all we need is love, and not war.



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