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Category: Amateur Kitchen

My go to toastie

Anyone else guilty of loving a lazy dinner during the week? After a long day at the office, the last thing I want to do is cook up a gourmet meal and end up with a bunch of pots and pans to clean up – know what I mean?

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Gluten Free Lemon Coconut Drizzle Cake by Helen Tzouganatos

Sometimes I’m in a citrusy kind of mood. Not the freshly cut fruit kind but the moist and perfectly crumbly lemon cake kind. This is the cake I bake when I want to whip up something quick and easy for afternoon tea with friends. Perfect for those new to baking because it’s ridiculously easy to make yet full of beautiful zesty lemon and tropical coconut flavours.

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Whirlpool top 6 myth-busters for dishwasher etiquette!

The after-meal clean up can pose quite the challenge, with differing opinions about the most efficient and effective methods. If your kitchen is equipped with a handy dishwasher, you might consider yourself one of the following types…an expert Tetris-style dish stacker, a dedicated pre-wash rinser or believe that glassware on the lower rack is the ultimate cleaning sin! If this sounds all too familiar, there are a few tips and tricks from experts at Whirlpool Corporation that can take the guesswork and bother out of cleaning your dishes…

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Anton’s fave cock

If you follow Insincerely Her, you’ll probably have noticed that almost every picture of me includes a drink in hand. The readership know I love a beverage or two!

I was recently named an ambassador for Chambord (all those beverage-holding selfies paid off, apparently).

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