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Little Black Dress

One can never have enough little black dresses. I am in love with this little number I wore last weekend. It was sitting in my wardrobe since December last year. What I love most about this dress is how comfortable it is. No zips, elastic waste line! My absolute fav. Even better it was only $41.97 on sale. Sadly the rest of my outfit wasn’t that cheap but hey I’m more into a investment closet then housing portfolio…

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Guest Post: Top Shoe Care Tips for Keeping Your Favourite Pairs in Best Condition

If you’re like me, you have a whole wardrobe full of shoes. Everything from kitten heels to stilettos to trainers – you name them, I’ve got them. I think a good pair of shoes can pull together even the most basic of outfits, making anyone look chic and stylish in no time. To help keep yours in tip-top condition, I’ve put together a little guide on how to look after shoes. From how to clean suede to looking after leather, here’s all you need to know.

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Sunny Side Up: Trend Alert

Over the last few months my Instagram feed has been filled with all the cool kids of Insta rocking the latest trend, the cat eye sunglasses. My bestie is not a fan and she ain’t alone. Recently Bec Judd stated if Gigi Hadid cant rock a pair of the cat eye, no one can. I don’t agree with Bec! I think Gigi looks ah-mazing. Let’s be honest she always looks so effortless.

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Cheat Your Way Through Australia Day

I come from the land down under and I am so glad to have been born in this beautiful country that I get to call home. Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a public holiday for being an Aussie?! I was contemplating making all the Aussie classics, but I knew it would be an epic fail and really I just wanted to make my lovely readers’ lives easy – okay, and mine too I won’t lie hehe.

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FRANKiE4 Footwear X Insincerely Her

So as the festive season is slowing winding down, for us bloggers the event season is just getting started. It’s a hard life being invited to events you know? The grazing platters, free-flowing sparkling, the goodie bags. The blog world can be lots of fun but hard work on the footsies especially when you’re running from event to event or running to top up your parking meter. Our poor feet do sadly suffer.

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Last-Minute Gift Ideas: For The Aspiring Beauty YouTuber

How many of us ladies watch beauty or hair tutorials whilst getting ready for a night out? I absolutely love a tutorial but hate that I have to bend my neck to watch, or hold my phone whilst doing my face with one hand – you’re set for a epic fail on that winged eyeliner, trust me!

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My Top 4 Tips For Getting Organised In 2018

Hello December, I think you have come around a little too quick my friend! Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed? I SURE AM! As we are at the end of the year, it’s nothing but finalising work commitments, running around like crazy getting last minute xmas gifts, having to attend multiple get-togethers whilst battling mental health and running a blog – I am a little on the AHHHH side of things… who’s with me?

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Last-Minute Gift Ideas Series

It’s December, and I know you’re being bombarded with #blogmas content and gift guides left, right, and center. But I promise it’ll all be over soon and before you know it we’ll be working on all that Easter content. (Yay, to bunny season!) I wasn’t going to do a gift guide for the above reason, seeing as every blogger is doing it. Saying that – these pics were too gorgeous not to share.

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If you like pina coladas

I have been obsessed with scarves for years, and I think I have my mama to thank for this.

Just ask any of my co-workers, the 9-5er in me is not the glamourous gal you see on Instagram. And I have scarves to thank for quickly dressing up my signature work attire, of leggings and a plain black top, as well as conveniently disguising my belly.

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Unwind with Pranamat

When you have been sitting on your ass in the office since you were 19! If you’re anything like me, your back can get a little on the hunch and ache side. There is seriously nothing worse than back pain. Who agrees?

I came across Pranamat Eco via my Instagram feed and just had to try it out.

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Say HOLA to the NEW HOLA Rose Replenishing Range

When Zerin asked if I could help her with some skincare reviews, I jumped at the chance. Since I reached the ripe old age of 26, skincare has been on my mind almost as often as Connoisseur White Chocolate and Raspberry ice cream – and that means A LOT.

It wasn’t until I looked back at older photos that I realised that my face is actually starting to do that thing you never think it will. Lines that would previously stretch themselves away are hangin’ around a lil bit too long for my liking, and basically I just look a bit crap all the time. 

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