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Tech Talk: Meet Craig from Glappr

Like many, I constantly have my iPhone glued to my little hands. From banking to bills, shopping, emails, social apps the list is endless! If I didn’t have to go to my day job I think I could possibly live my life through my phone. I mean I can even get food delivered to me these days or book someone in to do my cleaning.. who needs human interaction right #LOL! 

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Guest Post: 7 Reasons Stress Affects How You Look

Some people believe that stress is positive. Sometimes, stress that can’t be applied towards positive change becomes a force to be reckoned with. It not only affects how you feel, it affects how you look. If you’re noticing some changes in your appearance, it could correlate with the amount of unresolved stress you’ve been facing over the past few years.

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Meet Philip Carr

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be constantly saving beautiful images from Instagram and Pinterest feeds for inspiration – especially events! From floral arrangements and  table settings, to centerpieces and favours, you name it, I’ve saved it! Believe me, all my screenshots or saved items on Instagram come in handy (even though my partner may disagree!). I refused to get rid of 16k photos from my last iPhone – but that’s a story for another time. 

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Essential Oils For The Working Girl

Use essential oils like a goddess and still have a penchant for Prada.

There’s a saying that essential oil users whip out more often that a credit card, which is, “there’s an oil for that!”

Eaten too much sourdough, fried saganaki, cronuts, megashakes and topped it off with a few too many wines/tequila shots? (Every bloggers diet right?) Fear not for your food baby, we’ve got an oil for that, DigestZen. 

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Merhaba Turkey

Have you been keeping up with my Instagram? If so you will have seen all things Turkish as I have been living the Turkish dream over the last few weeks! I recently traveled to Antalya, Bodrum and Istanbul. In true Insincerely Her style, I ate and drank my way around every spot we visited. Here’s a few of my highlights:

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Prepare for take off.

It’s that time of the year again where my man and I head off on our yearly holiday. This time, to somewhere I personally never thought I would travel to; Turkey. This might seem funny coming from someone half-Turk, in reality I have a Cypriot background (the less-hairy type if anyone asks, haha).

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Move Over Oprah’s Book Club

There is nothing I love more than reading a good old girly romcom – especially an erotic rom com! Yep, I said it and you know what? I am sure I am not alone ladies! Cmon, admit it!

I just get so lost in the characters of my book for hours on end. I find reading so therapeutic and it’s something I really wish I did more often. Adulting and being a sassy girl boss and blogger gets in the way sometimes, yknow?!

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Everlasting Memories

So it’s all about the digital era, am I right? Don’t get me wrong – I am so glad to be a part of the generation that created selfies, filters and hashtags. Everyone’s iPhones are attached to their pretty little hands, from my mum who is over 60 to my niece who is under 10 – and of course me, a blogger. It’s just the modern tech world we live in. Unfortunately, for all our snapping, tweeting and ‘gramming, pictures are rarely printed.

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Secret Sisterhood

There is nothing I love more than women who empower one another. Ever since I reconnected with two lovely ladies from high school, I have never felt so much girl power and support in my entire life. Girls can be complete bitches – I know, I have been on both ends of the stick. I have been a bitch and been bitched about, so when I am surrounded by women who want to lift one another up it’s honestly a breath of fresh air.

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Stingier Then A Stingray

Every social group has that one person who always ends up putting everything on her credit card. Concert tickets, birthday gifts, the brunch bill at that annoying café that doesn’t split bills – everything gets paid for by that one person, and everyone always ‘does them a transfer’ – but half the time, they forget. I am that girl! I’m forever grabbing the bill to avoid everyone scratching around for the right change, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind offering. It’s the role of debt collector that I hate. Some people are great and ask for my bank details straight away, but so many conveniently forget.

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Receptionist Perks

For those who don’t know, I have been in the administrative sector since I was at the tender age of 19. I remember purchasing my first pair of pointed court shoes, thinking I’d be zipping around the city looking like I was straight out of a Hollywood movie. Wrong. I soon learned that running around in heels wasn’t ideal. Back to the black flats it was.

I realised that climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t for me. I tried my hand at being a personal assistant, settlement clerk, and a secretary but my heart was always within a receptionist role.

The best part about being a receptionist has GOT to be ordering catering. No joke. Let me tell you, eating all the leftovers is a dream come true! My colleague Caro and I have lost count of how many sausage rolls and filo pastries we used to eat. It helps when you befriend the caterer too – shout out to Nick who would always brought me extras! #win

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Hard Alert

For someone so organised, I can also be SO unorganised I know, I know, you’re probably all thinking, ‘how does that even make sense!’.

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Arty Farty

Last week I was asked to take part in an art therapy session. My first thought was, what the hell is an art therapy session? I am no artist, haha.

After a little googling on what art therapy was all about, I realised that this was just what I needed.

To be perfectly honest the last few weeks have been a struggle, mentally. And I couldn’t help but feel emotional saying yes to this collaboration. Can you tell that my hormones have been such a mess?

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How to Turn Your Love for Fashion into a Career

It has been a while since I have had a guest contributor on Insincerely Her. I remember that years ago I reached out to Emilia Rossi, who owns a lifestyle and business blog. I asked her if there would be any collaborating opportunities for me to feature on her blog, and guess what—there was. The first time I saw my post live on a blog like Emilia’s I was so freaking excited. If you would like to check out my writing and pictures from my posts on her blog in 2013, follow these links below. 

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A Parisian Affair

If you have been keeping up with my socials over the last few weeks, you’ll have seen that I have been at a lot of high teas – can you blame me?! Finger sandwiches, scones and free flowing bubbles – that’s got Zerin written all over it. Don’t worry guys, it’s a tough gig but someone’s gotta do it.

When I was asked to attend an afternoon tea at the The Sheraton Melbourne, I was jumping for joy!

The décor at The Sheraton was so classic and elegant. We arrived on level one to the sound of French music – a little taste of my background in Little Collins Street. We were off to a good start.

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Aunty Zizi loves Alfaberry

I might not be a mummy blogger, but I am a proud aunty to two little legends, Aydin and Leyla. When it comes to kids fashion, there is so much variety these days – compared to when I was a little youngster at least!

Kids are so expressive, from their clothing to their haircuts. Kids fashion is really on point now, and a lot of mothers I have spoken to have told me their kids are choosing their own style nowadays!

I love that kids are finding their own visual identity, and playing around with fashion from such a young age. Just recently, I was having a conversation with my mum about how I used to be so depressed (maybe a little dramatic) when she was still dressing me in grade 6 – I felt like such a loser walking around with a side part, velvet skirt and top and ‘party shoes’ with white socks. Thank goodness social media wasn’t around back then!

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Food Alert

Over the weekend, I headed to the Taste of Melbourne event, in partnership with Electrolux, at Albert Park.

Let’s be real. I love to eat. I can never say no to a food festival, which may explain why I’m on the double digits in weight. Buuuut in saying that, life’s too short for calorie counting, right? You enjoy your weekends, ladies.

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Over the weekend, my sister in law and I hosted our first ‘Girls Night In’ raising funds and awareness for women’s cancer with 100% of proceeds going towards the Cancer Council. We wanted to create a fun, relaxed environment for all our guests which is why we went for PJ attire. All the girls looked super cute in their robes and slippers including Mads and I, but you be the judge hehe. 

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Portugal is the new black…

I had my first taste of Oporto a few years back and I honestly loved the taste. The Bondi Burger is my favourite, along with their selection of dipping sauces. But I have a little confession to make… I thought Oporto was based on Bondi Beach! (blushing in shame)

 After a little research on the company (and constant cravings after seeing the new commercials on the telly), I now know that Oporto is all about PORTUGUESE CHICKEN! The Oporto team travelled back to the motherland capital of Lisbon to put this sexy commercial together… (check it out here) believe me, you’ll be racing to Oporto after you see this! (or booking the next flight to Portugal!)  

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A few months ago I dragged two girlfriends with me to a fitness workshop featuring one of my favourite bloggers, the stunning Rozalia Russian and her trainer Hayley Roper.

I absolutely loved it and was pretty pumped to see the girls hosting another workshop. The session was lots of fun with a DJ playing amazing tracks, along with a photographer capturing us in our most unflattering poses.

The best thing about the session is the girls take the time to demonstrate each step. They also both take the time for a friendly question and answer at the end which I found very beneficial.

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